2022 Elections: Adam Bandt Unveils Greens’ Hanged Parliament Wish List

The Greens have set their wish list for the likely event that Labor will look for a deal if they fail to form a majority government.

The Greens will demand that Labor tackle climate and cost crises and raise taxes on billionaires and big business if they want to form a minority government.

Some polls indicate that Labor could fail to secure 76 seats next Saturday. Greens leader Adam Bandt has drawn up a “power balance shortlist” consisting of seven demands the opposition face if they fail to form a majority.

Mr Bandt will use an official Greens campaign launch in Brisbane on Monday – where the small party is quickly gaining momentum for three key inner-city seats – to promote their plan: no new coal and gas, dental and mental health in Medicare, a building millions of affordable homes and better tenant rights, free childcare, getting rid of student debt, eliminating income support and promoting all elements of the Uluru Declaration of the Heart.

He will make proposals for revenue, including making sure billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of taxes, to pay for the policies that Bandt says Labor will support.

“If power is balanced, the Greens will kick out the liberals and push for urgent action on the climate crisis, the crisis in the cost of living and justice for the First Nations people,” Mr Bandt will say in his speech.

“Voters deserve to know what’s coming to the negotiating table. Of course we want all our policies to be implemented, but these will be at the top of the list.

“The Greens will kick out the liberals and tackle the climate crisis by shutting down new coal and gas mines, and we will tackle the rising cost of living by getting dental and mental health care in Medicare, building affordable housing and making childcare free.

“This election has become a petty battle between the terrible government that must leave and a visionless opposition that always agrees with them. The Greens will kick out the Liberals and keep Labor on track.”

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has repeatedly ruled out making a deal with the Greens, but has not answered what his party would do if they just couldn’t get enough of the 76 seats they need to form their own government.

But according to the latest News Poll, 11 percent of voters plan to elect the Greens first. By comparison, the poll suggests that Labor is seeking 38 percent of the primary vote for the LNP’s 35.

Overall, at least 27 percent of voters plan to vote for an independent or minor party as their first preference.

The Greens struck a balance of power during the Gillard years, leading the small party to secure a $13 billion investment in clean energy and dental care in Medicare for children.

They believe Mr Albanian has no choice but to negotiate with them to pass legislation in the event that Labor brings in a minority government.

Mr Bandt says all seven policies have been budgeted and will cost $173 billion in total, but the tax plans will generate $182 billion in revenue, leaving the budget with $9.7 billion in net savings.

Originally published as Adam Bandt reveals Greens wish list for Labor in case of a hung parliament

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