27 Best Desk Organization Ideas of 2022


Creating a functional home workspace is a small project that will pay off big. Whether you’re setting up a home workspace, classroom, or study area, these clever space savers and storage tips will help you create a desk that fits your needs.

Rachel Hoffman, an organizational expert and the author of “Unf*ck Your Habitat” and “Cleaning Sucks,” has some general advice for setting up a small desk at home. “People tend to look at the desk itself as the only storage space available, disregarding the areas above, below, and next to it, all of which create additional storage space,” she says.

To help you inspire your own desk organization ideas, we’ve rounded up a few products to get you started. Whether you’re still trying to organize your work gadgets at home or keep your office supplies tidy, here are 27 ideas to keep your desk from looking cluttered.

Bello pegboard

For people who can’t install anything on their walls, it can help to get a lot of items off the desk if they lean on a pegboard of storage accessories, while still keeping them close at hand.

Bello hanging shelf shelf

Bello Hanging Board Long Box

Wall Control White Metal Hanging Board Package

Assortment Pegboard Hooks, 80 Pieces

Creating more desk space can be as simple as investing in a narrow tabletop shelf that can sit on top of a desk. Look for styles that offer open shelves for storing paper planners, notebooks, and mailing supplies, as well as single drawers for storing smaller items like phone chargers.

Tribesigns Desktop Bookshelf With Drawers

Ollieroo desk organizer with extendable storage space

Monitor stands can also create additional vertical space on the desk itself – models with built-in compartments or drawers offer more storage space than simple shelf-style designs.

Sundale monitor stand with storage drawers

Sundale monitor stand with storage drawers

Valen monitor stand with storage drawer

Valen monitor stand with storage drawer

Another way to free up valuable desk space is to invest in storage that can be clipped on or hung from the desk or other nearby furniture. These products can also help solve very specific problems you may have, such as where to store headphones when not in use.

Elevation storage shelf under the desk

Eurpmask Headset/Headphone Holder Mount

Stand Steady 3-in-1 Clamp-On Desk Organizer

Stand Steady 3-in-1 Clamp-On Desk Organizer

Jgstkcity desk clamp power strip with USB ports

If your desk has a drawer, you can easily organize it with a drawer organizer. This way you keep things separate and find things quickly.

Cantara Multi-Purpose Drawer Organiser

$29.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Seville Classic 5-Piece Bamboo Storage Box Set

Three by Three Seattle Drawer Organizer Pack

Dylan Bamboo 5-Piece Drawer Storage Set

mDesign Expandable Divided Desk Drawer Organizer Tray

mDesign Expandable Divided Desk Drawer Organizer Tray

Hoffman offers another clever storage solution — one you may already have around the house. “I’m a big fan of using space that isn’t necessarily the desk itself, like a small bookshelf, a trolley, a chest of drawers, a side table with storage or even a bedside table on the floor below or next to your desk. expand your storage options right away,” she says.

Holly Homer, a blogger at One Crazy House, says she uses a rolling cart to store her printer, scanner, and paper supplies, as well as phone charging cords and earbuds.

Walsport 4-layer metal trolley

Leaning bookshelf

Leaning Bookshelf with 5 Shelves

Romoon fabric sideboard with 4 drawers

Desk organizer trays with pens, scissors, sticky notes and other office supplies are usually designed for desktop use, but wall systems are also available that are a good solution to free up space.

Perch Magnetic Modular System Components

5-Piece Vertical Storage System

If using vertical space to hang shelves isn’t an option, look for a desk organizer with a small footprint that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Office Oasis Office Accessories Caddy

Coolbros Elephant Pencil Holder With Phone Holder Desk Organizer

Homer has one last tip for those serious about streamlining their home workspace. “Something that changed my life forever was getting an easy-to-use scanner and organizing my digital files,” she says. “If you can get rid of that pile of papers on your desk, you’ll be amazed at how few things you really need.”

Canon imageFORMULA R10 portable document scanner

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