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As we were once also an up and coming indie beauty brand, we know the value of word of mouth online. So we think it’s extremely important to keep putting new and emerging beauty brands and personas in the spotlight and putting in a good word. In the list below we call all highlighting the latest beauty labels around that shake things up with their ridiculous and diverse visuals, backed up with formulations we know you’ll love.

*drum roll, please* Introducing the new beauty class of the 2020s…

Class of: 2022
Price: $8.

Owned and founded by women, this Detroit-based beauty brand is making waves with their bold, bling-y and foolproof approach to cosmetics.

SheI teach you in: Color and face tubes are their specialty, offering multi-use color-and-blend sticks for a time-saving foundation, and the most striking eye looks and lips for ‘people of color’.

What to shop: Their Face It Complexion Stick, $8, with “gag-worthy coverage” does not disappoint – it’s creamy, buildable and oh so soft on the skin. Use these sticks as a base or to camouflage, highlight, contour and bronze yourself. Their versatility and shade range is a 10 out of 10. Definitely future honors list status.

Class of: 2022
Price: $16 and under (not including their sets).

Pandemic baby, BYOMA is disrupting the beauty playground with their affordable and accessible skincare solutions that you will enjoy all year round.

SheI teach you in: Skin barrier-repairing formulas backed by science and enhanced by skin-friendly actives and extracts. Their possession of superstar ingredients includes: their Tri-Ceramide complex, which is also carried through their blends with Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Squalene, Green Tea and Bakuchiol.

What to shop: Their Moisturizing Gel Cream, $14, is the current “it” girl of the bunch. It is an oil-free daily face cream specially made for the thirstiest and thirstiest skin. It softens, moisturizes and soothes while strengthening your skin’s hydrolipidic film for better moisture retention and protection against nasty barrier-disrupting aggressors.

Class of: 2020
Price: $26 and under (not including their two tools and sets).

Canada’s 19/99 aims to close the beauty generation gap with “non-prescription beauty essentials” to follow new rules or ages. Whether you’re 19 or 99, say hello to your new favorite source for age-inclusive beauty inspiration.

SheI teach you in: Minimalist makeup looks and routines with their all-in-one crayons that *can* make you ditch your makeup brushes for good.

What to shop: The color payoff on their Fiore Precision crayons, $26, is SICK – they’re so good you can literally use them to build a full beat. Don’t believe us? Just look:

Class of: 2019
Price: $28 and under (not including their sets).

Okay, this isn’t a 20s baby, but it’s a goodie it deserves So much more hype. Born in Italy, EspressOh brings together two of our greatest loves: coffee and makeup. The inspiration behind the brand? A range of items that were bold, straightforward but powerful to give your skin a slight new kick, like an espresso shot.

SheI teach you in: Bold, minimalist and fun beauty products with a few brewed with caffeine and coffee arabica seed oil for a shot of antioxidant protection.

What to shop: Their Intenso Mascara, $25, will give you the flutteriest and perfectly lifted peepers. It is available in two rich tones, black and moka, to switch in the AM and PM. Caffeine is also infused with this formula to “nourish and energize.”

Class of: 2021
Price: $24 and under (excluding sets and accessories).

Last year, founder David Yi expanded his dreamy Very Good Light brand from a beauty blog to an equally dreamy beauty line. good light cosmetics is a gender-inclusive range with clean, feel-good and skin-saving formulations for everyone.

SheI teach you in: Skin care items for all genders to achieve a common goal of better, happier and healthier skin. When it comes to skin glow-ups, good light cosmetics get an A grade plus multiple gold stars for their blend of skin-balancing ingredients like niacinamide, panthenol, allantoin, glycerin, meadowfoam seed oil, bakuchiol, and more.

What to shop: Formulated in Korea, the Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion, $22, combines the best moisturizing and soothing ingredients to help relax your troubled skin barrier. Natural AHAs are combined with ceramides, snow mushroom, meadowfoam seed oil and niacinamide to fight dryness, inflammation and irritation.

New brands are great, but they’re better when they’re affordable. Shop from these new beauty brands if you’re on a budget.

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