A city in Northern Ontario was the first to hit 30°C yesterday and it’s making Toronto look bad

Toronto may be Ontario’s hot spot for real estate, but the weather is far from the best in the province. In fact, you’d be surprised how far the 6ix is ​​now on the totem pole for warmth.

According to The Weather Network, the far north town of Moosonee was the first to clock temperatures of 30°C this year.

On Tuesday, the town and population of less than 2,000 enjoyed beautiful summer temperatures of 30.2 C, while Toronto hit a respectable but not nearly as steamy 20 C.

As if that wasn’t enough to make Toronto residents green with envy, Kapuskasing, another northern region of Ontario, also experienced a blast of summer temperatures, with daytime temperatures of 30.1 C on the same day.

So, why does the 6ix get the short end of the stick? Basically, it all comes down to the fact that the city is so close to Lake Ontario.

TWN reports that the city takes more than seven weeks to rise from -20°C to 20°C, while regions in northern Ontario take an average of just five weeks, with a warming of three weeks depending on the year.

“Wherever that heat comes from, it’s moderated by the Great Lakes, which are still quite freezing at this time of year,” explains Kevin MacKay, TWN meteorologist.

“There’s enough landmass in the north to rebuild the heat, so that’s why places like Timmins and Moosonee can often be warmer first than areas in the Greater Toronto Area in the spring,” he adds.

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