‘A good laugh’: Guardian publishes another article criticizing Sky News Australia

Sky News presenter Rowan Dean says he “had a good laugh” at a Guardian article criticizing Sky News Australia as a “central source for climate misinformation”.

The Guardian published an article claiming that Sky News Australia is a global hub for climate disinformation, which has formed a ‘system of content production and distribution’ that has fueled ‘skepticism about climate science and fear or confusion surrounding mitigation efforts’. ‘ promotes.

Dean chided the allegations, arguing that the Guardian was upset. Sky News Australia employs journalists and commentators who “challenge orthodoxy and question public policy and political decision-making”.

“This act of allowing the free exchange of views and ideas, once the hallmark of Western civilization, has been derided as ‘the amplification and broadcasting of what is clearly disinformation,'” Mr Dean said.

“To the Guardian’s dismay, there are actually people who are entertained by or, more importantly, informed by well-researched material and opinions that appear on this station and then share them with their friends.”

Sky News Australia responded to The Guardian that it rejects the report’s findings and will continue to encourage debate on climate change in its programmes.

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