A new discovery could make a difference in the treatment of malignant diseases

In a new scientific step that could make a huge leap forward in the world of cancer treatment, scientists at the Cambridge Institute for Cancer Research have discovered a protein called NALCN, which plays an important role in the spread of tumors.

In experiments on mice, removing the protein from non-cancerous mice left healthy cells and tissues.

“These findings are among the most important to come out of my lab in three decades,” said Professor Richard Gilbertson, study group leader and director of the Cambridge Institute for Cancer Research UK.

He added: “If validated by further research, it could have far-reaching implications for preventing the spread of cancer and enabling researchers to repair damaged organs.”

“We can now consider whether there are potentially existing drugs that can be reused to prevent this mechanism from causing the spread of cancer in patients,” said Dr Eric Rumman, lead author of the study and senior researcher at the Cambridge Institute for Cancer Research. UK.

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