A simple herb that has baffled modern medicine. It enhances memory and brings young men back in a short time with a power of 100 horses and has many other benefits!! (get to know her)

It is one of 11 slow-growing classes of herbs and perennials with fleshy roots, which usually grow and spread in cold climates.

It is also one of the natural herbs characterized by its healing properties, as it is used in the composition of many medicines and cosmetics. Traditional Chinese medicine has also used ginseng since ancient times as a sedative, relieving anxiety and tension, and in treating insomnia.

These are its most prominent benefits: Enhancement of memory: The ginseng herb is known for its use to improve thinking, the ability to focus, improve memory and as a strong effect tonic, contributing to the remove stress and chronic fatigue, and it is recommended by athletes to increase their stamina and physical performance.

And not only that, because what was shown by experiences and studies on the benefits and uses of ginseng was as follows, according to what was published by (Therapeutic Research Center) on the proven benefits of ginseng and after several reviews:

Alzheimer’s treatment: A study has shown that taking ginseng roots daily for 12 weeks improves memory and mental performance in Alzheimer’s patients. Improving mental functions: Eating ginseng was found to help improve mental processes of arithmetic, thinking and reactions as evidence and some studies have shown that a mixture of ginkgo and ginseng leaves had an effect on improving memory in people aged 38-66 years.

Treatment of lung diseases: The use of ginseng contributes to improving and improving lung function and reduces the symptoms of some lung diseases, especially chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, and also reduces the risk of the flu, as it was found that taking ginseng with antibiotics helps increase their effectiveness in killing microbes and pathogens.

Treating high blood pressure: Some studies have found some evidence that taking ginseng has helped lower blood pressure in people taking ginseng to a small extent.

Treatment of inflammation: Some studies have shown that the ginseng plant contains ginsenoside compounds, which are characterized by their anti-inflammatory properties, which increase the ability and effectiveness of the antioxidants we get from foods in the treatment and prevention of arthritis.

Another study in 18 young men who took 2 grams of red ginseng three times a day for a week confirmed that after reviewing the results of testing inflammation markers after warm-up exercises, these levels were lower than in the second group that took no ginseng.

It also found that red ginseng is characterized by its ability to reduce the severity of infections suffered by people with skin diseases, such as eczema.

Improving brain function: A study announced that components in ginseng, such as ginsenoside compounds, may protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals. And researchers, after performing a mental test on 30 people who took 200 to 400 milligrams of ginseng, found that they were more effective at collecting points, as well as a higher degree of focus and attention. The researchers pointed out that the ginseng plant stimulates the body to absorb sugar in the blood by cells, helping to improve performance and reduce mental stress.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Some studies have reported that ginseng may be a useful alternative to treat erectile dysfunction in men, as it contains compounds that protect against oxidative stress in the blood vessels and tissues of the penis and help restore normal function.

She added that ginseng can stimulate the body to produce nitric oxide, a substance that relaxes muscles and stimulates blood circulation in the body. One study showed that men treated with red ginseng had a 60% improvement in ED symptoms, and another study showed that 86 men met erectile dysfunction recovery after taking 1,000 milligrams of ginseng extract for 8 weeks .

– Boosting Immunity: 1 New News: Ginseng boosts immunity, which reduces the chances of developing diseases, and this has been confirmed by some studies, as this herb was found to boost the immune system of cancer patients undergoing surgery or chemotherapy .

After two years of trying daily on 39 people recovering from gastric lumpectomy. Another study indicated that people who take ginseng have a 35% higher chance of living a disease-free life five years after curative surgery and a 38% higher chance of survival compared to those who don’t take it.

Reduction of menopausal symptoms: Some studies have shown that ginseng may help relieve and reduce some symptoms of menopause and improve quality of life by reducing fatigue, depression, hot flashes and sleep disturbances.

Beneficial for the skin: Some studies have shown that the ginseng herb is of great importance for skin health, as it contributes to the treatment of acne and skin pigmentation, and is characterized by its ability to regenerate damaged skin cells.

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