A town in Mass. is the 2nd safest in the US for trick-or-treating


The Chamber of Commerce has weighed up a number of factors to determine where it is best to harvest candy without fear.

A group of children stand together on a porch in Cambridge in October 1961, when the city was supposedly even safer. Herbert Capwell / Boston Globe Photo Archive

Back in the day, the only good reason to leave town for trick-or-treating was in search of those ever-elusive full-size candy bars. (The chance to score a pillowcase full of giant Snickers and Mr. Goodbars was always a good motivation to send it to Winchester, Wellesley, Weston, or some other affluent “W” town.)

But it turns out there’s another factor worth considering: the security level of your Halloween environment. With that in mind, ChamberofCommerce.org recently considered a number of factors to determine the 25 safest trick-or-treating cities in America, with more than 100,000 residents — and a Massachusetts township appeared at number 2 on the list.

It seems that Cambridge, Massachusetts had just the right confluence of elements to take second place, behind the seemingly extremely safe city of Gilbert, Arizona, and ahead of the likes of Stamford, Connecticut (the only other New England city represented, at number 10), Boulder, Colorado and Peoria, Arizona. (Peoria, Illinois didn’t even make the list, meaning the notoriously milquetoast community might be freakier than we realized.)

As for why Cambridge ranked so high, here’s what the Chamber of Commerce had to say: “While it’s known for its student city vibe, Cambridge came high on our list due to its low pedestrian death rate and low number of registered sex offenders. “Now what to say?

Yes, it is true, with only 13 sex offenders per 100,000 inhabitants, Cambridge is apparently a veritable desert for sex offenders. The scary thing about that statistic, of course, is what it says about the cities that not done make the list.

(By comparison, the aforementioned Stamford records a whopping 59 sex offenders per 100,000, presumably still in the top 10 due to the low rate of violent and property crime, and the high number of police officers who keep the sex offenders on their own.)

You can see how Cambridge stacks up against the rest of the top 25 below and read the full results here. Meanwhile, if Halloween safety is your goal, a trip down the Red Line on October 31 may be in order. How safe your T-ride will be is an entirely different conversation.

Chamber of Commerce.org

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