“Abortion Right”… Biden’s Lifeline from the “November Election Guillotine”?

In the midst of the economic crisis, the balance tilted in favor of Republicans, but according to US website “Axios”, Democrats see “abortion law” as an important electoral opportunity to restore momentum in their ranks as they united. . support for the right to abortion and hastened to defend it.

The U.S. Supreme Court plans to overturn a historic decision to legalize abortion 49 years ago, according to “Politico,” and if the Supreme Court approves this decision permanently, the United States will return to the situation that was in place before 1973 when every state was free to allow or forbid abortion.

According to “Axios”, the “abortion law” crisis will serve to shape and direct the upcoming election campaign and midterms, which have already started with the primaries between the candidates of the parties in the respective states, as it is of great importance importance in states with a large number of young voters if they decide to vote.

many challenges

Commenting on this, political analyst Andrew Boyfield said the current government is facing several challenges in the run-up to the midterm elections, “some of which are his own creation”. Specifically, the effects of the Ukrainian war on prices and economic conditions, but he described the controversy over abortion rights as positive for Democrats.

Boyfield added to “Sky News Arabia” that despite what Biden has achieved by lowering unemployment rates, the issue of high prices will have the biggest impact, as at the political level there is nothing but high prices.

He continued, “While foreign policy issues do not usually significantly affect the vote of American voters, because of the wide-ranging repercussions of that war and its impact domestically, it is expected to play a role in the results of those elections.” especially considering its impact on the rise in energy and food prices.”.

He pointed out that the country is also still suffering from the Corona epidemic, despite the decline in the crisis in recent weeks in the number of deaths, the continued rise in the number of infections significantly with the outbreak of new variables of the virus, causing it becomes a problem of great concern to American voters. Also, the outbreak of infections among senior officials and those close to Biden brought it back to mind after it looked like it was about to end.

Biden defends

Commenting on the leaks, Biden said: “While we don’t know whether this draft is real, or whether it reflects the court’s final decision, I affirm that a woman’s right to abortion is fundamental.”

“If the court overturns the decision, it will be up to our country’s elected officials at all levels of government to protect women’s right to choose,” Biden said in a statement.

“It will be up to voters to elect pro-choice officials in November. At the federal level, we need more pro-choice senators and a pro-choice majority in the House to pass legislation that codifies the issue, which I agree with.” will pass works and sign into law,” he continued. †

Republicans wait

And a number of states, from Florida to Idaho, won’t wait for the federal Supreme Court’s decision as state lawmakers, led by Republicans, act “as if the case had already been dropped,” leading to new restrictions to make abortion illegal. in as many circumstances as possible.

Given the anti-abortion laws of three judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, and the questions raised by those judges, both sides believe the court will say “there is no constitutional right to abortion.”

Some states are seeking to ban or restrict the abortion-supported pill, which abortion proponents hope would provide a safe and legal solution, and several states have enacted laws like the one the Texas Supreme Court has passed, causing lawsuits. can be fed. charged against anyone for “complicating or inciting” an abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy.

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