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Let’s discuss Abu Dhabi immigration. If you are a GCC citizen or GCC resident, you do not need a VISA to enter Abu Dhabi, UAE. There are many other countries like UK, USA, France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Australia and many others where a free VISA is required for entry. The other countries that do not have free entry or visa on arrival or facilities like GCC Nationals, then residents of those countries must apply for a Visit VISA through their embassies. For Visit VISA to Abu Dhabi, visitors only need a local sponsor in Abu Dhabi. Same goes for other Emirates like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman etc.

Abu Dhabi Creative VISAS

Emirate of Abu Dhabi offers a Creative VISA to creative professionals specializing in visual arts, media planning, performing arts, productions, creative writings, heritage, culture etc. It is designed to encourage people who can contribute to the culture, heritage of Abu Dhabi and cultural growth. These people have been selected and approved by the Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism Department.

Residence visa versus entry permit

Residence Visa is issued after the entry permit (the very first time as it is extended for further years). Entry permit is only issued for a short temporary period in Abu Dhabi, for the expats.

Residence permit

Residence Visa is issued to foreigners after the entry permit, but when foreigners live in the country. If a foreigner is to stay and live in the emirate, he or she needs a residence visa. Employment VISA, Businessman VISA or Golden VISA, these are all the types of Residence VISAS. Under the changes to the UAE labor law introduced in 2022, the employment contracts are now all fixed terms, also known as limited CONTRACTS for two to three years. NOW VISA is not stuck on a passport. The resident’s Emirates ID is equivalent to VISA on the passport. That becomes the full identity of a Resident.

Admission ticket

What is Abu Dhabi Entry Permit? It allows the foreigners to stay and live in Abu Dhabi for a certain period of time. It is issued by the Federal Identity, Citizenship and Customs Authority. There are a few types of entry permits. For example, entry permits for work, transit permits, permits for seminars or conferences, sports permits, etc. A time is stated on the entry permit. The entry permit expires as soon as the time is up. The duration may differ. For example, ‘Entry permit for public transport’ is limited to a maximum of ‘Four days’. Sports permit can be for the total duration of the sports event. Work permit can be for two months. It must be changed to a valid residence visa. The survivors will have to pay the fine. As mentioned above, all of these rules do not apply to GCC residents.


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