Albanian government really needs to rule, and fast

The Albanian government has been diplomatic since the election, but where is the promised ‘change’ at home?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanian (Image: AAP / Lukas Coch)

While Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong have gotten off to a flying start, and Albanian looks increasingly comfortable on the international stage, it’s a different story domestically. They are still moving the furniture in Canberra, with new ministers getting their feet under the desk and welcoming new secretaries who were appointed or shifted only last week.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on some pressing issues. The aged care crisis continues in nursing homes across the country, with a staffing crisis worsening by the week and set to worsen in a high inflation environment. The energy crisis of recent weeks has highlighted the urgency of investing more in renewable generation capacity and transmission infrastructure. Poor access to health care – both primary and acute – costs lives and affects the well-being of many. The submarine debacle will not be resolved until next year at the earliest.

So we sit and wait for a new government to make actual decisions.

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