Analogue Pocket’s first major update arrives in July

The Analog Pocket is finally getting some of the major feature updates promised at launch. As The edge notes, Analogue has promised a beta version of Pocket OS 1.1 in July that will add the expected library, memory, and FPGA development features. After that, you can expect “regular” improvements to come, according to the company.

Library will amount to an encyclopedia for classic games. Insert a cartridge and ideally you will learn everything about your particular copy of a game, including game guides and publisher details. Memories meanwhile allows you to make save states and screenshots. While Analogue hasn’t fully explained the development extension, it will likely allow programmers to use the Pocket’s second FPGA. They have access to the operating system, hardware and features such as Memories.

There is no mention of why 1.1 is taking so long. However, the delay was significant. Analogue said in December that Library and Memories would be ready in January, but they are now appearing several months later in raw form. Not that the wait matters if you don’t already own it. New pre-orders don’t get their pockets until 2023, so this is more of a kindness to early adopters than anything else.

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