Andy Masur discusses the continued MLB lockout on WGN News Now Sports Talk

CHICAGO – For many, the absolute worst-case scenario came to pass on Tuesday afternoon at 4 PM central standard time.

After 24 hours of intense negotiations, the Major League Baseball owners and players were unable to come to a deal on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Commissioner Rob Manfred then followed through on his threat to cancel games if a deal was not reached by Tuesday afternoon, calling off the first two series for each team.

The Cubs and the White Sox lost their original home openers while the south siders had six games canceled and the north siders five. It marks the first time since the 1994-1995 player’s strike that MLB won’t play a full 162 game season due to a CBA issue.

It’s caused plenty of unhappiness for everyone involved, especially the fans, who watched nearly three decades of labor peace in the game of baseball shattered during the lockout.

Andy Masur of WGN Radio appeared on WGN News Now Sports Talk to discuss the fallout from the decision to cancel games on Wednesday. He gave his thoughts on the impact of the decision to call off games for the first time in 27 years, what this will mean for the fans, and if this delay could be longer than just a couple of series.

On top of that, Masur also gave his thoughts on what the White Sox and the Cubs might do when it comes to filling out their roster whenever the season might finally begin.

You can watch Andy’s interview with Larry Hawley in the video above.

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