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Anne Heche has had a tumultuous career and personal life, and her recent car accident – who saw her intubated in a hospital after severe burns – is the latest in a long line of controversies that have plagued her over the years.

Although it has been reported that the actress, 53, is in a “stable state” and her family and friends have been asking for “thoughts and prayers”, it’s also revealed that she made one disturbing comments shortly before the crash that made her “lucky to be alive.”

Heche is a talented actress but has also made a lot of headlines because of her personal life.

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Anne Heche’s relationship with Ellen DeGeneres

In the 1990s, Heche was an up and coming actress, most notably receiving a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 1991 for her work on An other world – but it was her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres that made her tabloid fodder.

Heche and DeGeneres, 64, were together from 1997 to August 2000, and at one point even said they would have a civil union if it became legal in Vermont. The pair have never given a clear reason for their breakup, although at the time of the split, a source told the Daily news“The relationship just ran its course… It didn’t work out.”

A statement from the actresses to the publication says: “Unfortunately, we have decided to end our relationship. It is a friendly goodbye and we greatly appreciate the 3½ years we have spent together. We hope that everyone will respect our privacy in this difficult time. time .”

Hours after the breakup, it was reported that a disjointed and babbling Heche was taken to hospital in an ambulance after knocking on a stranger’s door in central California.

“I’m not crazy,” Heche told ABC news after the incident. “But it’s a crazy life. I grew up in a crazy family and it took 31 years to get the madness out of me.”

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Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres at the 1997 Hollywood Volcano premiere.
Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres at the 1997 Hollywood premiere of Volcano, which Heche says contributed to her being blacklisted from Hollywood. (Getty)

Twenty years after the split, Heche gave a rare insight into her relationship with the former talk show host to Page sixclaiming that many Hollywood studios were unimpressed by the fact that they were two women in a romantic relationship, and that she felt “patient zero in the cancellation culture”.

“This was not a long-term love affair. This was a moment in my life where I got the glory of standing up for what I believe in and have since I was a kid,” Heche said of the relationship.

Heche’s claims aren’t surprising given that DeGeneres himself has been open about the career decline she faced after coming out in 1997via an episode of her sitcom Ellen and again on the cover of TIME magazine. That year, Ellen was canceled after much backlash (although ‘The Puppy Episode’ a Emmy and a Peabody Award), and a viewer’s discretion for “adult content” was placed before each episode of the final season, despite the fact that Ellen‘s content was quite tame compared to other popular shows at the time.

Oscar winner Laura Dernwho played the central character Susan, an out-lesbian who helped DeGeneres realize she’s gay in “The Puppy Episode,” told Vulture in 2019, there were bomb threats while filming the storyline, and that she also lost work and needed a “full security detail” after the episode aired.

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Rebel Wilson, Hugh Sheridan and Demi Lovato

All the stars that have come out

Heche said that Hollywood made her feel blacklisted, especially after taking DeGeneres as her date to the red carpet premiere of Volcano in 1997, something she said she did because it was “about living in loving-kindness” — but she ended up paying the price.

“I haven’t taken a studio photo for 10 years. I was fired for 10 million dollars.” [approx. $13 million] photo deal and didn’t see the light of day in a studio photo,” Heche said.

In that same interview with Page sixHeche revealed Harrison Ford is her personal hero because he stood up for her against Hollywood executives who apparently didn’t want her for her role in Six days, seven nights (1998) after her red carpet performance with DeGeneres.

DeGeneres was notably married to Australian actress Portia de Rossic, and Heche married cinematographer Coleman Laffoon in 2001. The couple divorced in 2009 and share a son. Heche would have left Laffoon for her Men in trees co-star James Tupper, with whom she shares another son. The couple was together from 2007 to 2018.

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Sexual abuse allegations against Don Heche

Heche has maintained that from when she was a toddler until she was 12, she was raped and molested by her father, Don Heche, who was a Baptist minister and church organist. Don Heche died in 1983.

Speak with ABC news in 2001, Heche claimed that her father “raped me, put his dick in my mouth, stroked me, put me on all fours and had sex with me.”

“I think it’s always hard for kids to talk about abuse because they’re just memories. I didn’t have a tape recorder with me… I didn’t set anything in stone… Anyone can look and say, ‘How do you know? you sure?’ And that’s one of the most painful things about it. You don’t do that,” she told the publication.

Heche’s father gave her genital herpes and, after he died of HIV/AIDS, Heche feared she had contracted it from him.

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Anne Heche and Coley Laffoon
Anne Heche and ex-husband Coley Laffoon in 2004. (Getty)

Heche’s mother, Nancy Heche, is often estranged from her daughter. Nancy has spoken out about how she believes homosexuality is a sin and, after her husband’s death (he died of HIV/AIDS complications, but Nancy says he died of “homosexuality”), Nancy became a Christian therapist and motivational speaker who lectured in the United States on “overcoming sexuality” – but that is not the reason for their estrangement.

In her 2001 book call me crazyHeche claimed that when Nancy contracted genital herpes as a baby, she insisted it was diaper rash and refused to take her to the doctor. Heche also claimed that their estrangement is the result of a confrontation over her allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of her father.

Nancy was outraged by Heche’s allegations in her memoir, replying at the time: “I’m trying to find a place for myself in this writing, a place where as Anne’s mother I don’t feel violated or offensive. I don’t find a place among the lies. and profanities in the pages of this book.”

Heche told The New York Times in 2009 from Nancy: “My mother has had a very tragic life. Three of her five children are dead and her husband is dead. That she is trying to turn gays into straights is, in my opinion, a way of making people wonder why I’m so candid with the truths that have happened in my life, and it’s because the lies I’ve been surrounded by and the denial I’ve grown up in, for better or for worse, a child of truth and love My mother preaches to today the opposite of that core of my life. It’s no mistake she still stands up to love. And you wonder why I don’t rush to let her meet my kids.”

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Of Heche’s four siblings, three have died – her sister Susan, from whom she was estranged, died of brain cancer, sister Cynthia died as a baby of a heart defect, and brother Nathan died in a car accident before graduating, although Heche believes that it was suicide, something Nancy disputes.

Heche’s only surviving sibling, Abigail, has said the actress’s claims about their father are untrue.

Per Peoplesaid Abigail after the release of call me crazy: “I believe that my sister Anne at this point really believes what she has claimed about our father’s behavior in the past, but at the same time I would like to point out that in the past Anne has expressed doubts about the correctness of such memories.”

“Based on my experience and her own expressed doubts, I believe that her memories of our father are not true. And I can emphatically state, regardless of Anne’s beliefs, that the claim that our mother was aware of such behavior is absolutely false. is,” said Abigail. .

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Where is Anne Heche now

Heche starred in a number of projects over the years – her last film role was as Tammy in 13 minutesand on television she was a contestant in season 29 of Dancing with the stars. She has also been cast in a recurring role on the upcoming show the idol.

Most recently, Heche collaborated with Heather Duffy on the podcast Better together, where they “celebrate friendship, and we believe we can create more joy in the world by sharing our stories, stumbling blocks and triumphs” with special guests to affirm the idea that people are “better together”. It was on this podcast in which Heche joked about drinking days before her crash.

Heche has been open about her mental health challenges, and in 2001 while promoting call me crazyshe shared how, when she was younger, she created the ‘Fourth Dimension’, a fantasy world where she mentally withdrew to feel safe in the midst of her father’s sexual abuse.

“I drank. I smoked. I used drugs. I had sex with people. I did everything I could to get the shame out of my life,” Heche said earlier.

Heche has since said that she has left behind the Fourth Dimension and her alter ego Celestia – the daughter of God and half-sister of Jesus Christ who interacted with extraterrestrial life forms – which she initially created to feel safe.

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual assault, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit their website. In an emergency, call 000.

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