Apacer Announces First PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSD

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COMPUTEX is in full swing now that the keynotes from Nvidia and AMD have passed and brought us a lot of new technology. Now that the booths are open for viewing, we get to see everything on offer and Apacer has two new SKUs of PCIe gen 5 NVMe SSDs. Following AMD’s announcement at AM5, it will also support PCIe Gen 5 along with Intel’s latest generation.

PCIe Gen 5 doubles the available throughput for the storage and add-in devices such as GPUs. NVMes use an x4 format while graphics cards use the full x16 lane. So by increasing the generation from 4.0, x16 doubles from 31,508 to 63,015 GB/s, while x4 increases from 7,877 to 15,754 GB/s.