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According to Mo’asher, Dubai’s official sales price and rental performance index launched by Dubai Land Department (DLD) in partnership with Property Finder, Dubai’s real estate market recorded 6,983 sales transactions in April. This represents a significant increase of 45.5% compared to April 2021, making it the month’s highest performance in Dubai’s real estate sector in 10 years.

The base year for Mo’asher is 2012 and the base month for the monthly index is January 2012, with the base quarter for the quarterly index being Q1 2012.

In April 2022, Mo’asher registered a monthly sales index of 1,273 and an index price of AED 1,238,401. price of 2,124,828 AED.

In addition, Mo’asher recorded a monthly rental index of 0.957 and an index price of AED 51,672. The monthly apartment index recorded 0.96 and an index price of AED 47,578 and the monthly villa/townhouse index recorded 0.872 and an index price of AED 132,917.


Mo’asher’s data for April showed a dynamic market trend in Dubai’s real estate sector month-over-month. Overall, sales transactions continue to grow, surpassing the 2021 average monthly transactions; the general sales price index shows healthy growth since June 2020.

The secondary market for sales transactions continues to dominate the real estate market with a stable percentage of 60.32% in volume and 70.70% in terms of value. Both transaction value and volume show the strength of turnkey homes, especially with regard to apartments, which represent about 79% of the total number of transactions, while villas/townhouses represent about 21%.

If we compare the overall performance of the first four months in 2022 with the same period in 2021, the year-over-year data shows an excellent performance on total sales transactions in terms of volume with a recorded 27,507 transactions compared to 16,341 transactions in the same period. last year. This is a significant annualized growth rate of 68.33%.

On the other hand, the total rental contract in April 2022 amounted to 41,810 registered rental contracts, of which 60.4% were new contracts and 39.6% renewed. The annual contracts acquired 79.5% of the total number of contracts, while 20.5% were non-annual contracts. Furthermore, the registered leases for residential purposes acquired approximately 74% of the total contracts, while 25% were registered for commercial purposes.

Compared to April 2021, the total number of leases increased by 3.2%. The number of new contracts increased by 8% to 60.4% of the total number of contracts compared to 57.7% in April 2021. In addition, the total number of leases increased from 72.9% in April 2021 to 79.5% in April 2022 , while the share of commercial leases increased by 4.23% to 25% of the total number of leases in April 2022, compared to 20.77% in April 2021.

When Mo’asher compares the first four months of 2022 with the same period in 2021, Mo’asher concludes that total leases increased by 6.47% in terms of volume, representing 202,340 leases in 2022 compared to 190,043 in 2021 .

Top areas by Ejari registrations

The top areas for most leases through April 2022 were Al Warsan First (8,311), Jabal Ali First (8,038 contracts), Naif (6,630), Business Bay (6,605) and Al Karama (6,160). , NaddHessa (6,058) , Dubai Circle (5,895), Al Nahda Second (5,725), Al Barsha South Fourth (5,680) and Al Suq Al Kabeer (5,491)

Top areas in high demand

According to Property Finder’s property data, the top areas searched for sale for sale in April 2022 were Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Business Bay, Jumeirah Village Circle and Jumeirah Beach Residence. The top searched areas for villa/townhouse sales in April were Dubai Hills Estate, Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches, DAMAC Hills (Akoya by DAMAC) and The Springs.

According to property data from Property Finder, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Jumeirah Village Circle and Jumeirah Lake Towers were the most sought-after areas for apartment rentals in April. The most searched areas for villas/townhouses were Dubai Hills Estate, Jumeirah, Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches and The Springs.

Visit the following links to download Mo’asher: https://www.datafinder.ae/research/

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