are teal voters angry liberals or smart enemies of the party?

Two ANU academics suggest that teal voters tend to be Labor and Green voters who vote tactically. Are they right?

Zoe Daniel, Allegra Spender and Kate Chaney (Image: Supplied/Facebook))
Zoe Daniel, Allegra Spender and Kate Chaney (Image: Supplied/Facebook))

How exactly the federal liberals lost six seats domestically to independents remains a matter of debate, and how — or even whether they should try — to regain them will be a major challenge for the opposition over the next three years.

Ian McAllister and Nicholas Biddle of the Australian National University offer a view that could greatly complicate the challenge: Based on the ANU’s traditional Australian election study, they suggest that “blue-green independent” voters are “more likely to be tactical Labor or Greens voters.” appear to be… than disaffected liberal voters,” said a media report.

The basis for the report is a paper due today and full data will not be available until the end of the month. But one excerpt is that “among supporters of teal independents, 35% voted Labor in 2019, 23% voted for Greens and only 19% voted Liberal”.

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