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Former President Barack Hussein Obama made that comment in 2009 after his inauguration when he told GOP leaders that: “Elections have consequences” and, “I won”. File Photo: ChameleonsEye, Shutter Stock, Licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL — A lighthearted President Barack Hussein Obama made that comment in 2009 after his inauguration when he told GOP leaders that “Elections have consequences” and, “I won”. Well and today? Yes, Biden won the controversial election and the “implications” couldn’t be worse – look at the shape our country is in today, and it’s not pretty.

The electorate had a “sizzling fit” and changed horses in 2020 – they got rid of Donald Trump, with many voting against Trump because they didn’t like his manner, his personality and his tweets, and settled for a cognitively challenged, professional politician, Joe Biden, who promised that he wouldn’t be Donald Trump. How has that worked out for us so far?

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What should be up is down, and what should be down is up, and it seems Sleepy Joe Biden has no answer to make things better, other than his tendency to spend the government money, which we don’t have enough of to have .

Joe Biden’s approval numbers (33% according to the Quinnipiac poll) are going down the drain and getting worse by the month as time goes on. His lack of success points to an electoral disaster for Democrats in the midterm elections in November. During the presidential campaign, Biden pledged to “unite” and the person with the “smart” to bring the country together, but immediately after being sworn in, he put pen to paper and destroyed most of Donald Trump’s executive orders that started the bad “implications” of the disputed 2020 Biden win.

Let’s take a look at some of the “implications” of that Biden victory.

We are no longer an energy independent country like we were under Trump. We now have to import some of our energy needs from abroad, some of whom are not our friends. With the zeal of Biden and the Democrats to buy future votes, they have passed bills with a price tag of trillions of dollars, using the pandemic as the reason for spending all that money by making taxpayers a “free lunch” thanks to the generosity of the federal government. Biden and the Democrats thought the… “free money” would generate future Democratic votes.

Another “consequence” was Biden’s oversight of the disastrous immigration policies that replaced Trump’s policies. More than a million illegal aliens have entered our country illegally (a figure that is probably low because many illegal aliens have not been detained – called “trips”† In addition, a huge amount of deadly drugs (fentanyl, heroin and marijuana) have crossed our borders with no end in sight. As a result, it is estimated that more than 100,000 thousand American citizens have died from an overdose, mainly fentanyl. You could call that “blood on the hands of Biden”, Turn right?

Now the “Piece the Resistance” of the bad “implications” that Biden’s policies have done to our country. Right now we are gripped by the worst inflation in more than 40 years. March’s inflation was 8.5% and April’s was 8.3%, and as a result, the stock market is falling rapidly. An ironic note is that a person’s 401K will be a 101K sometime in the future. It looks like Biden is going to be the poster boy of “Murphy’s law”, which is a way of saying that what can go wrong, will go wrong, and that has gone wrong under the flawed leadership of Sleepy Joe Biden and his administration.

It seems that Biden and the Democrats hate Donald Trump so much that they will do something different from what Trump did, even if it meant that “bad consequences”. One thing is certain, Sleepy Joe Biden is a stubborn, arrogant man who most people think is a puppet of a far-left clique that pulls his strings behind the scenes.

Yes, elections do have “implications”, and unfortunately it has started to bite us in the ass. We need to vote the miscreants out and bring some sanity back to the halls of Congress next November. If you vote Republican, your country depends on it.

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