Ariana Grande Won’t Release New Album Until After “Wicked”

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 26: Ariana Grande attends the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.  (Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Satisfy pop fans, because the wait for Ariana Grande’s seventh album can be a long one. In a new video for the REM Beauty YouTube channel, the “Positions” singer got candid about when she would release new music, and for now the answer won’t be until she’s done filming on “Wicked.” Grande plays Glinda in the two-part adaptation of the hit Broadway musical which is being directed by Jon M. Chu, and since this is her dream role, she focuses all her energies on giving the best possible performance.

While giving viewers a tutorial on how to recreate her geometric eyeliner look, Grande answered questions from fans, including one about when she’d be releasing new music. “This is a question I’m nervous to answer, but I feel like I want to have a little bit of transparency and honesty with my fans,” she said. “The truth is I haven’t started an album yet.”

The coach of “The Voice” further revealed that she wants to make sure “Wicked” has 100 percent of her attention. After all, she has been dreaming of playing Glinda the Good Witch since she was a little girl. “That will have every piece of me, every minute, every ounce of my heart, my time, my soul, my all I can give to it,” she said of the role. “My hands are pretty full right now with a lot of other ‘exciting’ work. I spend all my time with Glinda, I just wasn’t ready.”

Chu recently announced on Twitter that “Wicked” will be split into two parts, with the first half set to be released by Christmas 2024 and the second by Christmas 2025. Shooting for the film will begin this summer. Grande’s co-star, Cynthia Erivo, who plays Elphaba, recently told Variety that the cast and crew are still working on creating the movie’s atmosphere. “We’re kind of at the beginning, we’re all having conversations about what we want, what we want to do, like the style of it,” Erivo said. “I spoke with Paul Tazewell, our costume designer and recently nominated for an Oscar, and Jon [Chu] who’s our director, who’s incredible, and we’re all talking about how we want it to feel.”

Since it’s only early days for “Wicked,” it could be quite some time before Grande releases a new batch of original songs. However, since “Wicked” is a musical, soon enough she will indulge herself on the big screen. Plus, Grande has been wanting to play Glinda since at least 2011, when she tweeted about the Broadway show. Now that her dream is coming true, it makes perfect sense that she would focus on Glinda instead of a new album for now.

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