Atlanta Police Officer Resuscitates Unresponsive Baby

An Atlanta SWAT officer came to the rescue of an unresponsive child on Friday, May 13, and performed CPR to resuscitate the baby. According to the Atlanta Police Department, Officer SPO Oden was patrolling the Martin Luther King Corridor when he noticed a driver with their hazard lights on and honking their horn. Then the vehicle stopped and the officer stopped. A woman then ran to the officer with a baby in her arms and said the child did not respond. “SPO Oden kept calm and started checking the child’s heartbeat, but couldn’t find one,” police said. Body camera images shared by the department show SPO Oden performing CPR on the baby. “By the time Grady EMS arrived, SPO Oden had successfully received a heartbeat from the child as the child’s legs began to move,” police said. Grady EMS took custody of the child and rushed him to hospital for further treatment. Credit: City of Atlanta Police via Storyful

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