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PM offers military support to Lismore





Brisbane residents face an anxious morning, with the Bureau of Meteorology issuing a major flood warning overnight after a “rain bomb” dumped more than 400mm of rain on parts of the already-sodden city on Sunday.

The discovery of a man’s body in Brisbane’s north took the death toll from these floods to seven, while two more people remain missing.

Flood waters in the Brisbane CBD were expected to peak at 4.0 meters at high tide, slightly below the peak of 4.46 meters recorded in 2011, but authorities warned the two flood events were very different and some suburbs have already experienced worse damage than in 2011.

You can read the full report from Ben Smee and Tory Shepherd below:



If it’s flooded, forget it: Morrison

Scott Morrison has spoken to 4BC Radio in Brisbane about flooding throughout Queensland and northern NSW.

Morrison said it was a “very serious and anxious time” and the commonwealth has “activated assistance in a range of areas”, including the ADF and emergency payments of $1,000 for each adult and $400 for each child to flow from tomorrow.

he said:

The most important thing is to be in a safe place, because moving around is very dangerous. If it’s flooded, forget it. If you are in a place of safety, remain there… [People think] ‘I could get across there, I need this’. But a moment’s convenience could turn very fatal.

Morrison also spoke about Australia’s announcement it would finance lethal aid for Ukraine to combat the Russian invasion. A further humanitarian aid package is also being developed.

Asked about Vladimir Putin putting nuclear forces on high alert, Morrison said it was a “reckless thing to say in these circumstances”. The invasion has “focused the minds of the world” on the division between “autocratic, bullying states” and “liberal democracies that aren’t going to stand for it”, he said.



Evacuation order for Lismore


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