Australia, US and New Zealand concerned about security pact between China and Solomon

canberra [Australia]May 11 (ANI): As the Solomon Islands and China signed a framework agreement for security cooperation between the two nations, senior defense analyst at RAND collaboration, Derek J Grossman, took a dip in China’s excitement as the Australian Prime Minister’s strategy Morrison to win votes fell flat.

On Twitter, the analyst said: “The deal is done and now it’s time for the signing ceremony.” throughout this ordeal,” he added.

The Soloman Islands and China signed the deal last month to pave the way for their overseas security deals.

However, fears from Australia, the US and other allies could be used to establish a military base in the Pacific archipelago, to which the Solomon Islands denied any such agreement.

Earlier, in a dialogue with her counterpart in the Solomon Islands, Australian Foreign Secretary Marise Payne expressed deep concern about the security arrangement between China and the island nation.

The minister said: “Australia has been consistent and clear in expressing our respect for the sovereign decision-making of the Solomon Islands, but we have reiterated our deep concern about the security agreement with China, including the lack of transparency.” Since World War II, Australia, France, New Zealand and the US have felt comfortable as undisputed “masters” of the South Pacific. For decades, no outside power has been able to find its way in, but that is changing with China’s economic and diplomatic generosity. (ANI)

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