Avalanche Studios Group Releases Statement Condemning Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Avalanche Studios Group, has recently taken to social media to release a statement condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

avalanche condemns russia

Just Cause creator Avalanche Studios Group took to Twitter recently to condemn the actions of Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. This comes among a slew of gaming companies that have done the same, such as CD Projekt Red and Bungie.

Avalanche Studios Group is the creator of such games as the Just Cause series, Generation Zero, and 2nd Extinction and developer of the Mad Max game, its newest game contraband, and craze 2† It was founded in 2003 and is based out of Sweden, The US, and the UK The Group has three sub-companies including the main Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction


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On Twitter, Avalanche made a statement condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and also convey the message that it joins the #StandWithUkraine movement. It also mentions that it has many employees from 44 different nationalities which include some from Ukraine. Avalanche then says it has donated to UNHCR to help with support for refugees from Ukraine.

This statement adds to a large amount made by the gaming community in recent days and yet another pledging to have donated to a humanitarian charity. This statement almost alludes back to when Savage Games helped one of its own employees escape the war in Ukraine. With employees based in many locations, especially in Ukraine, it’s no surprise that Avalanche would join the growing movement of support from the gaming industry.

It’s frustrating to continually watch the news and feel immensely powerless during this war, but statements such as the one from Avalanche, CD Projekt Red, Bungie, and others do give a glimmer of hope in these otherwise darker times. Among the donations, companies like EA are cracking down by taking Russian teams out of upcoming FIFA and NHL games. It’s not much, but it’s a step in a direction for support for Ukraine.

Donations in any form are a great gesture in a world with so much uncertainty and a seemingly never-ending war. The biggest ones are coming from big companies that have seen delays in the past such as Avalanche has with the Just Cause mobile game, where fans have needed to wait longer. That being said, games do still need to be made, but the more important causes are much more pressing issues. This war is affecting most of the world in many ways and has united all of Europe, the gaming industry is no different.

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