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click to enlarge Avalon Cafe at Rivertown Market.  - Randiah Camille Green

Randiah Camille Green

Avalon Cafe at Rivertown Market.

Avalon Bakery has a new cafe in Detroit’s Rivertown Market.

The bakery opened its newest location Wednesday morning and serves coffee and Avalon favorites like the Bite of Bliss and Vegan Willis’, along with cookies, bread, and other pastries.

It also has a “biscuit bar” with its popular breakfast biscuit sandwiches.

Rivertown Market already sells several packaged Avalon products, but those fresh cookies are some of the best we’ve ever had.

While exciting, the news is bittersweet. Avalon replaces the supermarket’s Great Lakes Coffee stand, which was closed for several months as workers went on strike and fought to unionize.

Great Lakes Coffe baristas withdrew their union activities in August after the company closed several stores, including the Rivertown Market location.

“While we are disappointed and heartbroken, we are grateful to everyone who has stood with us, for your solidarity, love and support,” he said. the workers said in a statement: at the time. “We’ve been on strike for over 150 days and we’ve all had to find new jobs. Our resources, time and energy must be secured to stay in the fight for workers’ rights.”

The strike began in February shortly after a lack of COVID-19 protocols led to an outbreak at the coffee chain’s Midtown location on Woodward Avenue.

Workers said they were overworked and were fighting for a starting wage of $15 an hour, affordable health insurance, harassment and anti-discrimination protections, including paid time off.

Instead of meeting those demands, the owners closed the Midtown store indefinitely, and the building still has shutters and a “Great Lakes Coffee” sign hanging outside.

The Avalon Cafe in Rivertown Market is open daily from 7am to 4pm

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