Best Bagel Co is Selling Out Bagels on a Sunny Cremorne Corner

Lower north shore locals Sarah O’Brien and Mejdi Grira opened the Best Bagel Co in the throes of Sydney’s 2021 lockdown – aiming to serve superior bagels, coffee and customer experience while ensuring operations are environmentally sustainable.

“Our name is our business vision and mission all rolled into one,” O’Brien tells broadsheet† “Our motto is ‘putting the hole in wholesome’, and it’s that wholesomeness that we try and instill in every element of the business.”

O’Brien, formerly a hospitality-marketing heavyweight, and Grira, who has years of experience running hotels and restaurants, have funnelled their experience and knowledge into the concept.

“We both love bagels, and there was nowhere around our hood in Sydney’s north to get a good one,” says O’Brien.

Locals were quick to try the NYC-style bagels, which are baked fresh daily – on the first day they sold out of two days’ worth of bagels in 90 minutes.

“We baked enough – we thought – and ended up doing 120 straight up,” says O’Brien. Other than a little extra sourdough starter, their bagel recipe is true to the NYC ideal, including the all-important process of boiling before baking, giving that signature bagel chew and glossy exterior.

The menu has around six regular filling options, plus a monthly special created in collaboration with local chefs and hospitality figures.

“We team up with different chefs and foodies to create their dream bagel. The first one off the ranks was developed with Simon Toohey from master chef,” says O’Brien. The latest collab is with Martin Hudak – co-owner and bartender at Maybe Sammy, and ambassador of Mr Black. He’s created a take on Maybe Sammy’s bottled cocktail, the Cafe Tropical. In the bottle, it’s rum-infused pineapple with almond and coffee; on the bagel, it’s crushed almond and hazelnut cream cheese, slices of caramelised pineapple, chocolate sauce infused with Mr Black coffee liqueur, and toasted coconut chips.

O’Brien says her go-tos are the TCB (turkey, cranberry and brie), and the Everything Bagel with house-made lemon and dill cream cheese and slabs of fresh tomato.

Other highlights include A Life Aquatic (sustainably sourced smoked salmon, lemon and dill cream cheese, organic tomato and onion) and a Reuben bagel made with grass-fed Wagyu pastrami. Bagels are also available to buy by the half-dozen – in plain, blueberry and the everything – and you can pick up schmears (spreads) such as cream cheese in plain, jalapeno or blueberry flavors.

Alongside bagels there’s Mecca coffee, and other premium non-alcoholic drinks like Heaps Normal beer and Liberty kombucha.

The duo is also committed to a series of sustainability goals, including going plastic-free by 2023. Everything is served in recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging, including the drinks.

Located on a sunny corner spot, the bagel shop has huge windows with lots of light, opening up to the plaza with pink-umbrella-shaded picnic benches outside. A mezzanine level offers seating, and coffees are prepped behind a terrazzo counter.

As well as the Cremorne spot, Best Bagel Co currently has a residency at Mecca Coffee in the CBD until July.

Best Bagel Co
Shop 24/49 Parraween Street, Cremorne
0403 013 336

Mon to Sat 6.30am–2.30pm
Sun 7.30am–2pm

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