Burglary reported at three homes in Scarborough (May 3) | Crime

Police reported three new home burglaries and break-ins in Scarborough between April 26 and May 2. That’s one more than the week before (you can find the latest reports for the city’s other neighborhoods here). Toronto’s total number of weekly incidents rose by seven to 43, bringing the city’s preliminary 2022 total to 803 — nine percent less than the same period last year.


A new residential break and enter was reported for Bendale. It took place in an apartment near Borough Drive and Triton Road on Thursday, April 28 at approximately 6pm. This was the first residential burglary reported in Bendale in 2022.


One new outage has been reported for Oakridge. It took place at an apartment near Denton Avenue and Macey Avenue on Thursday, April 28 at approximately 6:00 PM. Six home burglaries have been reported in Oakridge in 2022.

Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan

One new home burglary has been reported for Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan. It happened at a home on Kennedy Road and Linwood Avenue on Sunday, May 1, at approximately 3:00 p.m. Eight home burglaries have been reported in Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan in 2022.

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This story was generated automatically using open data collected and maintained by the Toronto Police Department. The incidents were reported by police in the past week and are reported to have taken place in the past two weeks, but recent crime records are preliminary and subject to change under further police investigation. The locations have been shifted to the nearest intersection and no personal data has been included for privacy reasons.

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