Burn Right Tonight to help reduce pollution


Play your part in keeping the air quality in Canberra clean and healthy

Canberrans are encouraged to play their part in reducing smoke from wood-burning stoves – one of the biggest contributors to air pollution in the ACT.

Regular maintenance and the efficient use of wood-burning stoves can help to keep the air quality in Canberra clean and healthy.

The ACT Government program, Burn Right Tonight, outlines simple steps to help protect the community and the environment:

  • use dry, well seasoned, untreated wood;
  • start a fire with the air control fully open and use plenty of kindling;
  • use smaller logs to maintain a strong fire; and
  • don’t let your fire smolder overnight.

The ACT Governments Wood Heater Replacement Program also offers homeowners incentives to remove or replace their wood stoves with efficient electric heating systems.

Qualifying homes can receive more than $250 by removing the existing wood heater up to $1,250 to assist with the installation of a reverse cycle duct system.

Man adjusts temperature on heating system

Visit the Everyday Climate Choices website to learn more about the wood-burning stove replacement program and to check your eligibility.

Visit the ACT Environment website for more information about Burn Right Tonight.

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