What does niacinamide do to the skin?

Do you have a dark skin tone? Then you know that it can be difficult to find the right skin care products. Many products are designed for fair-skinned people and often don’t work well on darker skin tones. That’s why it’s essential to use a product designed specifically for dark-skinned people. One of the best … Read more

“5 minutes a day” to lower blood pressure.. a simple exercise with the same effectiveness as drugs

Researchers have found the possibility of lowering blood pressure with a breathing exercise that gives the same results as traditional exercises and a changing daily lifestyle. And the US public radio website “NPR” said the method relies on strengthening the respiratory muscles, just as we do to strengthen the other muscles of the body. “The … Read more

For a man, this liquid that comes down with urine indicates serious illnesses

7 p.m. Monday, September 26, 2022 I wrote – Alaa Nabil A man ejaculates semen when he reaches orgasm during intercourse, but urine leakage is a worrisome problem. prostatitis It is usually caused by inflammation of the prostate gland, a small gland between the bladder and penis, and one of the functions of the prostate … Read more

Bicycle Health raises another $5M to expand treatment of opioid use disorders

Cycling healtha startup that provides virtual treatment for opioid use disorders has raised a $5 million Series B extension from Cobalt Ventures. The addition brings up the round’s total $55 million. It also announced a $27 million Series A in June 2021. WHAT THEY DO Founded in 2017, Bicycle provides virtual care and drug treatment … Read more

Iodine tablets .. How to protect against nuclear radiation?

And the European Union announced last August to provide 5.5 million tablets of iodine, which health experts recommend taking in case of nuclear radiation exposure, to prevent serious complications. Even before Russia threatened to use nuclear weapons, the fighting that broke out around Ukraine’s Zaporozhye plant raised fears of catastrophe, while diplomatic efforts failed to … Read more

Can erectile dysfunction be cured?

What do you mean by erectile dysfunction? It usually involves decreased sexual arousal. . Experts agree that ED is a fairly common problem, despite estimates of its prevalence fluctuating. You usually don’t have to worry if it only happens occasionally. It can cause worry, anxiety, and relationship problems if it occurs frequently. There are several … Read more

The mystery continues.. a doctor was infected with “Havana syndrome” while researching the phenomenon

The CIA doctor was one of the first to travel to Cuba in 2017 to investigate the “Havana syndrome” that mysteriously affected US diplomats and officials. Doctor Paul Andrews told CNN that he contracted the same illness while traveling to Havana. Andrews, who uses a pseudonym to express himself, has already studied the early victims … Read more

Bad breath.. serious illnesses can be hidden by this problem! | health | Essential information for better health | DW

The bad thing about bad breath is that those who usually suffer from it may not notice it themselves. Signs of bad breath may include a bad taste in the mouth, a dry mouth and frequent bleeding from the gums when brushing your teeth or after eating smelly food. To identify bad breath, the German … Read more

What Foods Boost Immunity to Prevent Colds?

With the arrival of autumn and winter, the risk of colds and flu increases due to changing temperatures and changing weather. In light of the Corona pandemic, we need to get started to strengthen our immune system. Diet plays an important role in boosting the immune system and preventing diseases and viruses, and while some … Read more