Massachusetts communities concerned over water supply over recent contamination issues

By Jordyn Jagolinzer, WBZ-TV EASTON — Residents across the state are concerned about their water supplies after several reports of boiling water in Massachusetts communities. This month alone, E. coli has been found in the water of five different Massachusetts towns, including Wilmington, Mansfield and North Attleboro. Sydney Evans is a scientific analyst with the … Read more

AFP works with foreign law enforcement officers on Optus infringement

Editor’s Note: Audio clips of Assistant Commissioner Gough are available through Hightail The AFP is gathering crucial evidence of the Optus data breach and is working closely with foreign law enforcement to identify the perpetrators behind this attack. Operation Hurricane has been launched to identify the criminals behind the alleged breach and to protect Australians … Read more

Optus infringement class action considered; federal ICAC to cover third parties; Anthony Albanian in Japan for Shinzo Abe’s funeral; Matt Keogh Apologizes For Veteran Abuse; Jack Charles Gets State Funeral

According to reports, the personal details of 10,000 Optus customers were released overnight as hackers stage an extortion attempt. In a widely shared post on social media, apparently written by one of the hackers, the blackmailer warns that 10,000 records will be released every day for four days unless Optus pays $1 million ($1.55 million). … Read more

Dow falls as dollar strengthens, Facebook and Qualcomm shift

Shares fell during Monday trading and continued a steady week-long decline as the US dollar and interest rates rose after governments on both sides of the Atlantic took aggressive action to stifle inflation. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 325.91 points or 1.10% to 29,264.50. The S&P 500 fell 37.71 points or 1.02% to 3,655.52 … Read more

NASA’s DART spacecraft crashes into asteroid

NASA’s DART spacecraft will complete its planned crash into an asteroid this morning, in a test of the world’s first planetary defense system. The probe is designed to deflect an asteroid from a possible doomsday collision with Earth. The mission tests the spacecraft’s ability to alter the asteroid’s orbit through kinetic force as it plows … Read more

Govt scraps site for new construction of women’s and children’s hospital

The Malinauskas government is set to unveil a revised site for the new $2 billion Women’s and Children’s Hospital today, after opting to scrap the previously proposed site, calling it “too medically risky.” The government of Malinauskas has scrapped the site chosen by the former government for the new WC. Image: Supplied with Tom Aldahn/InDaily … Read more

See what Hurricane Ian looks like from space

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