Fewer Australians taking COVID-19 precautions: survey

CANBERRA, May 17 (Xinhua) — The number of Australians taking precautions against the spread of the coronavirus has fallen as the number of cases rises. According to data published Tuesday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 78 percent of Australians said they wore face masks in the week leading up to the April survey, … Read more

Prime Minister Scott Morrison admits it wasn’t helpful to say ‘I’m not holding a snake, mate’ in ACA interview with Tracy Grimshaw

The Prime Minister has acknowledged that his infamous “I’m not holding a snake, mate” justification for taking a holiday while Australia burned “wasn’t helpful”, as he continues to lean on a belated attempt to rearrange his character ahead of the poll. Saturday . Most important points: Scott Morrison spoke to Tracey Grimshaw on Channel 9’s … Read more

Albanian must give ‘soft’ voters ‘something to vote for’

Sky News contributor Caroline Di Russo says voters have tried to give opposition leader Anthony Albanese the “benefit of the doubt”. “As we get closer I think that soft and indecisive mood will break out late,” she told Sky News presenter Jenna Clarke. “If Anthony Albanian doesn’t give those people something to vote for, they … Read more

Tesla Cybertruck orders limited to North America

Tesla (TSLA) will no longer accept orders for its Cybertruck outside of North America, according to its website. Reservations for the electric truck can now only be placed in the US, Canada and Mexico, the website said. Orders have already been taken for the Cybertruck in Europe and Asia. While there was no official statement … Read more

Covid outbreak in North Korea: Kim Jong Un orders lockdown as 1.5 million cases of ‘fever’ recorded

A country with a completely unvaccinated population and one of the world’s worst health care systems is collapsing as it fights to contain its first Covid outbreak. North Korean military medics have ramped up the distribution of drugs to fight a growing coronavirus outbreak, state media said Tuesday, with a number of reported “fever” cases … Read more