The runners and riders to replace Cressida Dick as Met commissioner

T he urgent search for Dame Cressida Dick’s successor as Met commissioner is underway with Home Secretary Priti Patel said to favor someone from outside the force. The likely candidates bring decades of experience. But are they ready for the biggest job in policing and finding themselves in the political line of fire? Neil Basu … Read more

The Black Death was not as widespread or catastrophic as long thought – new study

In popular imagination, the Black Death is the most devastating pandemic to have ever hit Europe. Between 1346 and 1353, plague is believed to have reached nearly, if not every, corner of the continent, killing 30%-50% of the population. This account is based on texts and documents written by state or church officials and other … Read more

تدعو أوتاوا لاستخدام «السلطات الفيدرالية» بمواجهة عرقلة سائقي الشاحنات

– أ.ف.بالولايات المتحدة استخدام أجل رفع الإغلاق الذي يتسبب به سائقو شاحنات على البلدين الصحّية المتعلّقة بوباء «كوفيد-19»، بحسب ما أعلن مسؤولون في البيت الأبيض، الخميس.وذكر هؤلاء أنّ الإدارة الأمريكيّة عرضت تقديم «دعم كامل» عبر وزارة الأمن الداخلي.وإضافة إلى شوارع العاصمة الفيدراليّة أوتاوا التي تشلّها المناهضة للإجراءات الصحّية منذ نهاية الثاني/ يريد سائقو الشاحنات وأنصارهم … Read more

FACTBOX | Biden pushes Canada to ease border blockade: Here’s the latest on the Covid-19 spread

Emmanuel Macron refused a Covid-19 test when he met President Vladimir Putin. New York City will fire about 3,000 employees who refused to be vaccinated. South Korea reported more than 50 000 Covid-19 cases for the second day. Canada should use federal powers to ease the growing economic disruption caused by the blockage of a … Read more

الجريمة ضدّ المتحّدرين من آسيا في مانهاتن تبلغ مستوى قياسياً

– أ.ف.بأعلن المدّعي العام منطقة مانهاتن، الخميس، غداة على دبلوماسي جنوبي في نيويورك، أن فريقه يحقق ضد إنشاء وحدة خاصة منذ أكثر من عقد. وقال المدّعي العام براغ: «للأسف، يحقّق مكتبنا حالياً بـ33 جريمة كراهية عنصرية بدوافع أحكام مسبقة على أصول آسيوية، وهو أكبر منذ إنشاء وحدة مكافحة الجرائم القائمة على العنصرية في عام 2010».وأشار … Read more

WhatsApp Is Suing The Indian Government To Protect The User Privacy

Messaging service WhatsApp is suing the Indian government in the Delhi High Court, challenging new rules that would force it to break its encryption, potentially revealing the identities of people who had sent and received billions of messages on its platform, a WhatsApp spokesperson told BuzzFeed News . “Civil society and technical experts around the … Read more

Anderson Cooper Welcomes Baby No. 2

Anderson Cooper has announced some breaking baby news. On Feb. 10, the anchor shared while on CNN that he and former partner Benjamin Maisanic have welcomed a second baby via surrogate, a boy named Sebastian Luke Maisani Cooper. Anderson started off the exciting announcement by introducing that he had some “good” news that also happened … Read more

Zendaya’s fans think her newest wax figure looks like Kylie Jenner. They’re not wrong

Zendaya arrives at the 2021 Oscars at Union Station in Los Angeles. (Chris Pizzello / Associated Press) Zendaya sure is everywhere, but apparently not in her new London wax figure — despite what Madame Tussauds might think. The London attraction unveiled its new likeness of the “Euphoria” star Tuesday, but the reaction to it has … Read more