Charli XCX Fires Back at a Fan Who Doesn’t Like Her New Music, Calls Them the C-Word: ohnotheydidnt — LiveJournal

Charli XCX recently released her latest bop, “Baby,” along with a music video, the fourth single off her forthcoming album CRASH (3/18/22). She also recently decided to attack a fan on social media after they voiced their opinion about her music.

To summarize, on March 1, a fan tweeted: “these charli singles so far…. not doing it for me whatsoever, but she’s still in my mother list.”

For some reason, Charli responded directly with: “Ok – I’m not mad – promise – I just find the commentary interesting so I had to just dip into Stan world for a sec: to me this is undeniably my most coherent era. Like OBVIOUSLY. whether you LIKE it or don’ t, I don’t care but it’s cohesive & consistent.”

While I personally agree with Charli in that this is her most coherent era yet tbh the singer then took it a step too far after the fan replied with a less-than-“OMG YAS QUEEN NOTICED BY CHARLI 3/1/22” type response.

In a now-deleted series of tweets, the fan replied to Charli with: “the only thing consistent about it is how underwhelming it is TBH, but yes still love u and ur music overall.”

To which Charli fired back: “Bitch BYE. I will NEVER understand what possesses people to be such C*NTs online.”

Way harsh, Tai.


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