China threatens to take Taiwan by force

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Against the background of ongoing tensions over Taiwan, China has again threatened to take the Autonomous Democratic Republic by military means if necessary.

“We will work wholeheartedly and do our best to bring about peaceful reunification. But we will not give up the use of force and will retain the option to take all necessary measures,” she said in a preliminary report on the Taiwan issue released by the Chinese. government on Wednesday.

“The use of force will be a last resort under force majeure. We will not have to take violent measures to respond to provocative actions by separatist elements or external forces unless they cross our red lines,” she added.

The Chinese leadership said that foreign interference in Taiwan will not be tolerated, adding: “We will undoubtedly not tolerate any foreign interference in Taiwan. We will thwart any attempt to divide our country and act as a powerful force for national reunification and renewal.”
China has made similar statements about Taiwan in the past.

The latest round of tension came after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei last week, where she went despite strong opposition from Beijing. island as part of its territory . On the other hand, Taiwan has long considered itself an independent entity.


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