Climate protesters get in the way and block major bridges in London


Hundreds of climate activists blocked four major London bridges on Saturday as protests broke out in the capital.

The Just Stop Oil group claimed “to have brought central London to a standstill” by blocking four major bridges to Westminster – Waterloo, Westminster, Lambeth and Vauxhall – and demanded that the government take “immediate” steps to “end to the crisis in climate and cost of living”.

On Westminster Bridge, activists, including members of Extinction Rebellion, sat on the road and played instruments, blocking traffic from chanting slogans about the climate crisis.

Several people made a steady thump at instruments emblazoned with the Extinction Rebellion logo, under police supervision.

XR and Cuban flags were flown and a sign that read “save my future” was propped up in a stroller.

Meg, a member of Doctors For Extinction Rebellion, told PA: “This is a climate emergency and people are already dying, more will die from the effects of climate change.

“We are acting in accordance with the values ​​of health professionals who are expected to protect public health and then protect people’s lives and well-being.”

A coalition of organizations comprising Just Stop Oil, the Peace and Justice Project, Fuel Poverty Action, Insulate Britain, CND and others released a statement saying they would protest until the government meets their demands:

“To end the cost of living and the climate crisis by stopping new oil and gas, to start a rapid transformation towards a more just society, decided by ordinary people and paid for by those who benefit from the destruction of humanity.

“This is not a one-day event. This is not a symbolic day out, this is an act of defiance against this genocidal government. We will return tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day after that.

By 3:30 p.m., most of the demonstrators appeared to have complied with the police’s requests and had left the scene without being arrested.

Climate protests coincided with railway workers’ strikes and energy cost protests taking place outside King’s Cross station.

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