Coffee Lab in Evanston connects coffee and culture

CHICAGO (CBS)– Coffee Lab in the northern suburb of Evanston serves more than coffee and pastries/

The specialty coffee on Noyes Street, near Northwestern University, focuses on the community.

“It really is a safe space that people feel comfortable in,” says co-owner Jay Kim. “It’s the best, it’s the best.”

And that’s exactly the atmosphere that co-owners and best friends Kim and Daniel Quino want.

They help the community connect with other cultures, including their own. One of the ways is through their food.

They offer international coffee blends found all over the world, from Indonesia to Evanston, and feature specialty drinks inspired by childhood favors.

Their coffee is freshly roasted every week.

And what would great coffee be without great pastries? The pastries even have an Asian flair.

“We have two pastry shops, one specializes in Filipino pastries and the other specializes in Korean and Japanese pastries,” says a co-owner.

During the pandemic, the owners expanded their village to include local artists, removing seating for health reasons, but opening a gallery.*

“The artists had a hard time too, so we wanted to provide the space we have to showcase their art,” said Kim/

It led to a gallery about a mile away, where coffee and art were on display.

Visit Coffee Lab at 910 Noyes Street, near the CTA Purple line.

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