Congress is under siege by the Modi government and it will continue

By Sushil Kutty

Men and women in black. The women outnumber the men when climbing police barricades. Especially Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. The nationwide protests were against price increases; unemployment, and GST on “dahi and dhood” and other foods. Not surprisingly, the press made no mention of price hikes, unemployment or GST earlier in the morning. Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi reflected on ‘darr’ and how Congress was not afraid of Modi’s ‘darr’.

Clearly the big old party is in the throes of protecting its leadership from Modi. Salman Khurshid made it clear. “I’m not here to save the pariah. My ‘neta’ is being harassed, I’m here to protect my neta.” Khurshid has a touch of sincere talk in him. Only he could tell the Hindutva that they were ISIS and Boko Haraam!

But if Congress couldn’t spell price hike and pronounce inflation, the BJP misread it all by stating that the congressional protest was its opposition to the Ram Mandir. Speaking of the political parties’ obsession with pet projects. The Congress with the ‘Gandhi Family’; and the BJP with the ‘Ram Mandir.

On August 5, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation for the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. Don’t be fooled, Modi will not rest until the Ram Mandir is completed. The same cannot be said of Congress and the price hike. There is too much going on against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for Congress to be misled by inflation and people’s dead ends.

Congress has taken the issue of the price hike factor out of parliament and ensured that it will die a natural death in an artificial environment. The Congress party’s obsession with the Gandhi family was always there; but this may be the first time every congressman has been put on the duty list to save the Gandhi family.

With the black shirts, the black pants and the black salwar-kameez for the female congress activists, the congress has not only invested time and effort, but also a ton of money – the congress leadership will make sure India breaks loose when a rash action is taken is taken against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.

At the presser, Rahul Gandhi seemed too effusive – one-liners fell from his lips and the “bold” for Modi came off his tongue as if they were planted there. The reruns of “I’m Not Afraid of Modi” weren’t grammatical errors. Anyone with a degree in psychology would have read between the lines and be right: Congress is gearing up for the “great battle.”

There is no denying that the Congress leadership is convinced that drastic measures are planned against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. That’s why the party makes the most of the Monsoon Session. The August 5 protests were just a rehearsal for the main show.

The party’s plan to ‘gherao’ the prime minister’s residence was thwarted. And the barricades got in the way of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Congressional activists on the street failed to provoke the police into compulsion. Frustration was hidden behind the slogans and cardboard cutouts in the shape of LPG bottles.

Congress is being held hostage by the Modi government with its refusal to “take action” against the “accused” in the National Herald case. The ED questioned Rahul Gandhi in June and Sonia Gandhi in July. Still, nothing drastic has been done so far, even if the ED makes life difficult for National Herald!

What do the Modi government and the ED want? What are their plans for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi? The tension and lack of drastic action against the Gandhis is deadly.

The people, and not just the Congress officials and supporters, need a reason to burst out, stand up to defend the Gandhi family. The BJP and the Modi government should have a taste of democracy in action; witness the popularity of the Gandhis. There has never been a better time for revolution than today, in this 75th year of India’s independence.

The BJP is building an issue to fight the 2024 general election. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi is wary of the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ bait that had swept all elections since 2014; he has gone too far in cherishing his image of ‘vishwaguru’ to even risk it.

And “corruption” is an issue that is a winner. It is a one-fit-for-all plank. Charges of alleged corruption have left their mark on the TMC, the MVA, the AAP and the once-mighty Congress. With the ED Alsatian in his corner, “corruption in high places” is the BJP’s winning card for 2024.(IPA service)

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