Court of Appeals Speeds DOJ Challenge Against Special Master Mar-a-Lago

“No extensions allowed,” Judge Adalberto Jordan wrote, indicating he had discussed the plan with Chief Justice William Pryor.

No date had been set for the pleadings on Wednesday, but under Adalberto’s order, a “special merit panel” would be assigned to the case.

The legal battle over the documents found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida has now expanded to four arenas: the courtroom of U.S. District Court Aileen Cannon, which was the first to consider the former president’s request for a special master approved; the Brooklyn courtroom of the special master she appointed, Senior Judge Raymond Dearie; the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Just Tuesday, Trump entered the Supreme Court, asking Judge Clarence Thomas, who oversees the 11th Circuit, to restore Dearie’s authority to review about 100 documents with classification marks.

The multiple moving parts and the way they interact have complicated the status of Trump’s legal predicament, although it has left the Justice Department largely free to conduct the criminal investigation into its handling of the highly sensitive documents from his estate. found, to promote.

Dearie is currently reviewing 11,000 unclassified documents seized by the FBI during the Aug. 8 search of the Mar-a-Lago building, and he had asked Trump for evidence to support his claims that the FBI may have evidence manipulated. However, Cannon rejected Dearie’s request for this information and extended the review timetable at Trump’s urging.

Meanwhile, a panel of three judges from the 11th Circuit Cannon recently addressed her own setback, her decision to include 100 documents with classification marks in Dearie’s review and to impose the Justice Department’s criminal investigation. That’s the ruling Trump’s team wants to partially stop at the Supreme Court.

The 11th Circuit has an unusually large number of Trump appointees. Six of the 11 active judges were bugged by Trump and seven of them are Republican appointees.

Adalberto, who issued the schedule on Wednesday, is an appointee of President Barack Obama. Pryor was appointed by President George HW Bush. Cannon is a Trump appointee and Dearie is appointed by President Ronald Reagan.

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