Cryotherapy is the coolest new way to keep your face young

Give it to Wim “The Iceman” Hof.

Since the Dutch extreme athlete’s profile began to rise two years ago, through his own YouTube channel and the fierce crystal ball-wielding champion Gwyneth Paltrow, more and more people have dived into arctic waters in the name of wellness.

Following the core principles of the Wim Hof ​​Method, exposure to extreme cold ignites a “cascade of health benefits,” including a reduction in fat and inflammation, balanced hormones, proper sleep and the release of endorphins, known as the “happy chemicals.” with runner’s high.

It turns out that freezing temperatures are also great for treating superficial things, namely the puffiness of the face that can follow a night of overdoing cocktails, or the confidence-inspiring brown spots that can appear after decades in the sun.

So the rise of DIY ice rollers and cryotherapy-based skin creams, alongside a promising new in-office aesthetic procedure called Glacial Rx.

A skin cryoroller
Skin Cryo Roller, $35 at Current body
Current body
Shot of a mask under the eyes.
Inc.redible Party Recharge Cryo Me Crazy Under-Eye Masks, $20 at Sephora

According to New York cosmetic dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, several factors, including pandemic mask use, our collective obsession with strong skincare, and drinking too much, are causing a spike in interest in all things cryo.

“Masks, overuse of acids and retinols, excessive alcohol and sodium consumption have resulted in patients being more inflamed and swollen,” Frank notes. “Cryotherapy is a great no downtime procedure that instantly reduces puffiness and tightens pores.”

While Frank’s Signature Cryo Facial promises, according to its popular Instagram feed, “to contract muscle fibers to shrink pores while reducing puffiness, inflammation, acne and redness,” Glacial Rx, brought to you by fellow New York skin educators Bruce Katz and Dendy Engelman, yes. switch between temporary de-puffing and more permanent skin changes, namely removing age spots and larger pockets of hyperpigmentation.

A-Lister Glow Gold Cryo Face Set.
A-Lister Glow Gold Cryo Face Set (Two Wands), $125 at Angela Caglia
Cryo eye cream apper.
Cryo Eye Cream, $60 at Sio Beauty
Sio Beauty

Glacial Rx, an FDA-approved Class II medical device, is the first of its kind to use controlled contact cooling to treat not only puffiness and dark spots, but also the redness caused by rosacea and eczema.

“This is brand new technology,” Katz says. “It was developed by Harvard doctors and uses what is known as ‘cryomodulation’. Basically, it’s a probe that is cooled down to a certain temperature, depending on the condition we’re treating. Or we can change the settings to use it as a facial, to remove dead skin cells. It has many uses and has worked very well.”

Cryo-Recovery eye serum
Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum, $68 at Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury

While cryo facials refresh and brighten immediately, albeit for a short time, it takes longer for brown spots to disappear, but the results are permanent.

“The skin crusts a bit after the treatment,” Katz says. “It destroys the hyperactive pigment cells, turning it into a scab. But then that goes away. Sure, you can use liquid nitrogen to freeze a brown spot, but you’ll end up with a white spot in its place. That doesn’t happen with Glacial Rx.”

But you don’t necessarily have to go to the dermatologist to join the cryo craze.

cryo freezing tools
Cryo Freeze Tools (set of two), $130 at Georgia Louise
Georgia Louise

CurrentBody, supplier of all kinds of high-tech beauty gadgets, recently unveiled its stainless steel Skin Cryo Roller; superstar facialists Georgia Louise and Angela Caglia both offer gorgeous, almost MoMA-worthy DIY milling tools; celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury sells two Cryo Recovery products, a mask and a serum; and Sio Beauty offers a whole range of cryo-based products for the face and body, including its own streamlined tool, the Cryodrop.

Sio Beauty founder Gigi Howard thanks Engelman, her dermatologist-turned-medical advisor to the brand, for introducing her to the skin-enhancing benefits of cold therapy.

“Cryotherapy stimulates microcirculation, which can improve cell turnover, creating a smoother, shiny surface,” says Howard, a former model who also did fashion and beauty PR before launching her skincare range. “I was so impressed with the rejuvenating results and what the cooling agents did for my skin that I wanted to investigate further.” And the rest, as they say, is an ice cream story.

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