‘Danger!’ Contestant Mick Jagger’s hilariously wrong answer sets Twitter on fire

When Danger! Giving contestants incorrect answers is usually okay, with Monday’s show being the rare exception. Contestant Mazin Omer played a great game, but it was one wrong answer during the opening round that made Twitter pop.

Under the ‘Knight After Knight’ category, Omer selected the $400 designation. An image of Michael Caine appeared on screen as host Mayim Bialik read: “To honor his father, this star was knighted here in his birth name, Sir Maurice Micklewhite .”

Omer replied, “Who is Mick Jagger?”

Mistaking two-time Oscar winner Michael Caine for legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger caused a stir on Twitter.

Omer eventually finished in second place. And the biology student took home the $2,000 consolation prize.

Omer also shared some of the interesting studies he is doing on Alzheimer’s disease with viewers. He said: “We’re using mouse models to figure out why the body causes Alzheimer’s disease and then how we can make sure it doesn’t.”

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