Dangerous for health.. Beware of excessive iron intake

Succession – Samah Ismail

The Federal Center for Risk Assessment warned. The dangers of taking dietary supplements. contain iron. Point out that if the person does not suffer from deficiency. Or he missed these materials and really needed them. It is wrong to take it without consulting a doctor.

It can cause excessive iron absorption. Over a long period of time, the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes increases.

The institute pointed out that there is great disagreement about the maximum dose of iron, the excess of which poses a health threat, and it has not been proven that the body benefits from being supplied with large amounts of iron, but the opposite is true. TRUE.

The institute explained that the human body’s need for iron only increases during the growth phase of children, as well as in women due to the loss of this element during menstruation and during pregnancy.

To get iron naturally without taking dietary supplements, the institute confirmed that meat is the best source to provide it to a person as the body perfectly absorbs iron from it, pointing out that this element is also found in abundance in some plant foods such as beetroot, legumes, and whole grains.

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