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click to enlarge Doghouse Farms holds Detroit's first recreational cannabis growing facility license.  - SCOTTSHOOTS/SHUTTERSTOCK


Doghouse Farms holds Detroit’s first recreational cannabis growing facility license.

Detroit has finally awarded its first recreational cannabis license. But what gives us a lot of energy is that the license went to Doghouse Farms, a brand originally from Oregon, with a breeding facility in Detroit.

After a two-year clusterfuck attempting to allow recreational weed into the city and a lawsuit over giving Detroiters lifelong first sips, the first adult-use license goes to a company not even originally from Detroit. Isn’t this what we were trying to avoid in the first place – brands coming in from out of state and taking advantage of the weed sales before the old Detroiters?

The Doghouse Farms facility in Detroit is just a breeding operation, allowing unlimited numbers under current city regulations. However, there are only 100 recreational use licenses for adult marijuana in the city.

The Doghouse Farms brand was founded in Oregon in 2005 and now has locations in Michigan, Florida and Washington State. The brand opened its Detroit branch shortly after marijuana became legal in Michigan in 2019, spending about $4 million opening a store. Crain’s Detroit Business reports. They have been running as a strictly medical operation for 15 months.

“A (recreation license) is the only reason we came to Detroit,” said Eric Slutzky, CEO of Doghouse Farms in Michigan. Crain’s† “The city that took so long was really cutting its knees out of the local market, but we were confident the city would do the right thing.”

Detroit’s communities ravaged by the war on drugs and thinking they could finally benefit from recreational marijuana regulations were confident that the city would do the right thing, too. Guess they just have to wait.

Slutzky told Crain’s that Doghouse Farms was able to get its permit so quickly because they had already prepared everything to submit.

“I had a file ready to go as soon as the city went live,” he said. “I have followed very closely what the city council was going to do over the past year.”

Doghouse now has two Class C recreational use Class C licenses, allowing them to grow 4,000 plants at a time, and three Class C medical marijuana licenses to grow 4,500 plants for medicinal use in its 25,000-square-foot Detroit operation , according to the Crain’s

Doghouse Farms’ Detroit location has some ties to the city, as COO Nir Saar is a former principal in the Detroit Public Schools Community District and Slutzky is the former corporate vice president of real estate for Farmington Hills-based insurance brokerage firm HW Kaufman. group.

Still, we hoped Detroit’s first recreational marijuana license would go to a more homegrown company. With the city facing a pending lawsuit over a provision preventing medical facilities from being licensed until 2027, its future is uncertain.

Will Detroit ever get it done? How long should Detroit business owners wait before participating in recreational marijuana sales? Find out in the next episode of “who even knows at this rate?”

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