Dog with bone on jaw has to cry on the internet: ‘Poor boy’

Whether it’s swallowing a tennis ball, chewing pebbles until their stomachs “rattling”, or actually eating your homework, dogs aren’t known for their discerning tastes (well, except for one classy dog, who eat his food only with parmesan cheese).

One dog’s snack time, however, resulted in a trip to the vet after the hungry dog ​​got its jaw stuck in the bone it was nibbling on.

Tiktoker tangojuliet14 posted a video of her dog Finn in the car as they prepared to leave for the animal hospital. The short clip shows the husky mix hilariously presenting its new accessory.

Dog with bone stuck to jaw
A husky mix puppy chewing on a bone. TikTok users couldn’t help but laugh at the poor pup’s predicament.
Yelizaveta Tomashevska/iStock/Getty Images Plus

She said, “Are we going to see Daddy? Did someone get their bone stuck to their jaw?

“Luckily Dad is an emergency vet.”

TikTok users couldn’t get enough of the pup’s adorable bust, with the post receiving 7.2 million likes and more than 19,000 comments since it was first posted on March 30.

K’s father said “poor boy.” OllieWinning commented, “No thought behind those eyes.”

Nowords302030 wrote, “The way he ends up just accepting it, like, okay, this is my mouth now.”

Fortunately, tangojuliet14’s partner is a vet who was able to remove the bone quickly and easily.

In the comments, the Tiktoker explained how Finn ended up in this situation.

She wrote: “1. Idiotic mom (me) bought the bone.

“2. Dad now reviews all toys/treats b4 purchase.

“3. They just could pull it off, no saw, I’m just a wimp.

“He put his bone in the yard against the ground (that’s dirt coming out of the end) and shoved it on his jaw.

“It was filled with peanut butter, the holes are usually not that big. It’s not a problem for our pitty, but his little snoot fit right in.”

According to PetPlan Insurance, the average cost of an urgent trip to the vet in the US can range from $800 to $1,500 for a cat or dog.

However, the actual amount of an emergency appointment will depend on factors such as the time of day, severity, location, and the animal hospital itself.

The most common emergencies are vomiting and diarrhea, being hit by a car and poisoning, with only 39 percent of Americans having enough savings to cover an emergency trip should it arise.

A follow-up video shows Finn sweetly tilting his head and feigning innocence, while his mother jokingly “bessessed” him for the trip.

She said, “Now can we sit in traffic for 40 minutes on the way home?

“Was it worth it? It was worth it.”

Many commentators suggested that the bot was actually a trick so that Finn could watch his father at work.

Emmabrown9355 said, “Awww bless him! Daddy to the rescue.” Lee commented, “Maybe he was tired of dad leaving him like this, take action into your own hands.”

While Courtney “Nini” Kreis quipped, “He was like, ‘Somehow, I see Daddy, Wife!”

Others warned the poster to avoid these types of bones in the future, as dogs getting stuck with their jaws are surprisingly common.

PixelThomas said “my dog ​​had the same thing. pure panic.”

Astrid commented: “That happened to my old dog too. We took her to the vet and when they saw her everyone started laughing, it was quite funny.”

news week has contacted tangojuliet14 for comment.

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