Due to differences.. a historical change in the name of the famous FIFA game

EA Sports FC has become the new name for the famous football simulation game ‘FIFA’, which was announced on Tuesday by the American video game company ‘Electronic Arts’, ending the partnership with the International Federation (FIFA) for the game due to differences.

According to figures released by Electronic Arts in early 2021, more than 325 million copies of FIFA (with the full name EA Sports FIFA) have been sold since its launch in 1993, making it the best-selling sports simulation game in the world.

According to the New York Times, the game has generated more than $20 billion in sales over the past 30 years.

Several media outlets reported last October that the International Football Association Board (FIFA), which oversees the national federations of all member countries, has requested an increase in the amount it receives from Electronic Arts for the use of its name from 150 million dollars to 250 million dollars.

However, “Electronic Arts” officials, who were initially dissatisfied with this collaboration before the new request, according to the “New York Times”, decided to abandon it and change the name of the game from the 2024 version, but the 2023 version to be released next fall will keep the name “FIFA”. †

Despite this change, “Electronic Arts” maintained its agreements with all other federations, as these agreements allow it to give its users the names of 19,000 football players to choose from, the publisher said in a statement on Tuesday.

The company indicated that the number of user accounts for online games exceeds 150 million.

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