Elden Ring Looks Brutal As A PS1 Game

We’ve featured London-based 3D artist and VFX supervisor Hoolopee a number of times on Kotakufrom his terrifying Zelda work to a Nintendo 64 rendition of Halo Infinite to a dragonball fight made with…sheep. Tonight, we’re taking a look at his latest work, a PS1-looking take on Elden Ring’s trailer.

It took him a month to put together, and the whole thing is running in real-time, having been made in Blender. It looks, in terms of what it’s setting out to achieve, absolutely perfect

The reason you’re seeing this post on our Fine Art feature and not as a regular story is that Hoolopee was kind enough to send some higher-resolution behind-the-scenes images from the clip over, and you can see those here, alongside some comparisons between the PS5 and “PS1″ versions of Elden Ring:

If you haven’t seen them, he also made similar trailers for both Resident Evil Village and Death Stranding

If you want to check out more of Hoolopee’s work, you can find his YouTube page here and his Patreon page here.


VFX artist Hoolopee, who previously created wonderful demake videos for Halo Infinite and Death Strandingtoday unleashed on the world this horrific 3D animation of Morshu from Philips CD-i abomination Link: The Faces of Evil

Last month Microsoft showed off a ton of footage from the upcoming Halo Infinite, featuring a crash landing and a very upset pilot. They looked OK in high definition, but there’s something about them that looks even better imagined as an N64 game. This video by Hoolopee does exactly what it suggests, recreating 1:42 of that Xbox clip in the style of a Nintendo 64 title.

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