Elsa Pataky In ‘Interceptor’ Proves She And Chris Hemsworth Are The Ultimate Action Hero Couple

In her first fight scene in interceptor, the new action movie that started streaming on Netflix today, Elsa Pataky stabs a man in the eye with a gun. She doesn’t shoot him in the eye with a gun – she… stiches it. It’s just one of Pataky’s many badass moments in this film that cements her status as a bona fide action hero. And how fitting, then, is it that she is married to Chris Hemsworth, who also served as an executive producer interceptor. They are the ultimate action hero couple, and I would let them beat me up every day.

In interceptorDirected by Matthew Reilly with a screenplay by Reilly and Stuart Beattie, Pataky stars as JJ, a United States Army captain at a mid-Pacific missile interceptor base. Should Russia ever launch a nuclear attack on the US, JJ’s job is to shoot that missile out of the sky. When an American traitor named Alexander Kessel (played by Luke Bracey) sneaks into the base and kills almost everyone on board, JJ is the only thing standing between him and nuclear annihilation. Luckily, JJ is super skilled, and more importantly, she’s super ripped.

Those rippling biceps didn’t happen overnight — Pataky trained for six months in preparation for the role. She learned over 800 moves, with the help of her stunt team and stunt double Hayley Wright, as well as stunt choreographer Sam Hargrave, who previously directed the Chris Hemsworth Netflix action movie. extraction. In an interview for Interceptor’s press notes, Hargrave joked that Pataky may soon overtake her man when it comes to beefy muscle. “Elsa is wonderful. She is incredibly talented and brings so much dedication to the role,” said Hargrave. She has taken herself and her physical fitness to an extremely high level. I think she might be trying to win Chris over to the strongest in the family.”

SYDNEY, AUSTRALI - MAY 25: Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth attend Interceptor red carpet screening
Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage

In that same interview, Pataky said that Hemsworth stepped up as an executive producer after she showed him the script. “When I read interceptor“I loved it,” said Pataky. “So I brought it to him because we usually read each other’s scripts. After reading it, he really liked it too.” Hemsworth was the one who brought Hargrave on board as stunt coordinator for the film, emphasizing the importance of training and authenticity for the action sequences. That clearly paid off, as Pataky has all kinds of creative moves in Interceptor, from beheading a man with barbed wire to swinging one hand over monkey bars. It’s all very impressive.

Hemsworth and Pataky have been married since 2010, and now that they’ve both proven themselves to be action stars, it feels like it’s time for them to star in an action movie, right? After all, a couple that hits together stays together!

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