“Emergency and Crises” Announces Developments of the “Corona” Pandemic in the Emirates

The government of the UAE held the periodic media briefing to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the emerging coronavirus in the country “Covid-19”, announcing the record of stability in the decrease in the number of infections and the continuation of the rate at which no deaths are recorded for a noticeable period of time.
Official spokesperson for the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, Dr. Taher Al-Buraik Al-Amiri, stressed that the UAE and all its sectors are committed to preserving the health and safety of all members of society and limiting the spread. of the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in a stability in the decline in the number of injuries and the continuation of the rate of non-registrations No deaths for a noticeable period, indicating that this stability reflects the guidelines of the wise leadership, which emphasized the use of all capacities, capabilities and resources and emphasized the priority of human health and safety.
Al Ameri said: “The UAE has proven to be successful in managing the crisis through proactive steps and deliberate planning with the aim of mitigating impacts, mitigating and preserving profits. This success has been achieved thanks to the national harmony between all sectors at the state level,” noting that this harmony is within the strategy of the state. The sages, who have adopted a tight balance between its sectors with the aim of achieving a sustainable recovery.
He stressed that all authorities concerned with managing the Covid-19 pandemic in the country are still working on the continuous review of the data and the continuation of the monitoring processes to read all developments and study ways to mitigate the risks with reduce and prevent flexibility and transparency, pointing out that this approach is the main factor that has increased the trust of society All actions and decisions announced in the past two years
Al-Amiri indicated that the response to the crisis is still ongoing and the commitment remains on the continued commitment and awareness of society to adopt a culture of self-protection and adherence to precautions and preventive measures to preserve profits, stressing that the UAE’s continued success in dealing with the pandemic depended in large part on its societal role, society was a prominent factor in implementing all precautionary measures, the following the main decisions and recommendations of official authorities and avoiding rumors and false information.
He called on members of society to continue to adhere to the preventive measures taken in the country and during travel and holidays, and to take and comply with all precautions approved by the competent authorities, in the light of the growing pandemic in several countries, and calls on citizens and residents who wish to travel to ensure and abide by the conditions and procedures of countries they wish to visit. To avoid any sanctions or violations applied in these countries, while adhering to preventive measures to maintain their safety.

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