Emirates News Agency – “Sharjah Child Reading” presents the experiences of talented people at “The Little Creator Café”

Sharjah, May 8 / WAM / The 13th edition of the “Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival”, organized by the “Sharjah Book Authority” under the slogan “Be your being” from May 11 to 22, will host 7 famously brilliant children during the activities of the “Little Creator Cafe” To highlight their unique talents in various fields of literary, artistic and scientific creativity and to inform the public about their achievements to motivate young people to keep up with them and to pursue excellence and excellence to fetch.

In this edition, the “Little Creator Café” presents the experience of 9-year-old girl from the United Arab Emirates, Reem Al Hammadi, who has a talent for writing stories to inspire and energize her children’s experiences love to read and write. read Talents in the field of art and creativity.

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Taif Al Dhafiri has been talented in weaving stories and making songs from an early age. She started her first steps in story writing and publishing in children’s magazines since she was eight. In 2019, she won first place in the Humaid Bin Rashid Competition for Culture and Science, the Children’s Literature Branch, and was the youngest winner in the history of the competition since its inception.

Farah Mostafa, who can swim and play volleyball, participates in a number of sports from Egypt, taking part in local and international competitions to develop mental and athletic skills, finishing third in the world in the qualifiers held in Thailand.

As for the Kenyan child, Patrick Ngrog Wakira, the youngest CEO from Kenya, he will participate in the activities of the “Little Innovator Café” to present the initiative / innovation program Patrick Ngroge Wakira, which he founded and focuses on providing of free education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for underprivileged Kenyan children to enable them to learn computer science Basic and internet.

From Pakistan, the World Snooker Champion Ehsan Ramzan, who won this year’s World Snooker Championship in a match that lasted more than 5 hours last March, takes part in the cafe’s activities and was one of six young people who shone in the presence of 50 professionals in the tournament organized by the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Federation.

The festival will also host the Bangladeshi little girl Amina Hussain, who lives in the UAE, and although she is not yet 12 years old, she has many achievements that bear her name. She won the same title again in 2019, placing 3rd and 4th in this year’s spelling and main math competition.

From India, Devi Vaishnava, a student at the International Indian School of Ajman, presents her experience in writing her first book, “Vamped the Vampire Virus”, which was published by the Indian Unicode self-publisher in 2020 when she was ten. . Devi also published her second book entitled “The Sky Speaks.” When she was eleven.

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