Espressoh Clear Blush Review: TikTok Loves Colour-Changing Product

This blush applies clear then changes color according to your skin’s pH level – and TikTok can’t get enough of it.

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Finding the right shade of blush for your skin tone can be a difficult and expensive exercise – but if the reviews are to be believed, this new colour-changing product from Italian makeup brand Espressoh will take all the guesswork out of the makeup process.

Espressoh’s Glassy Blush doesn’t exactly look like blush. Instead, it’s a small pot of clear gel that promises to adapt to your skin tone via color-changing technology that works with your skin’s pH level. The result? A varying level of color and intensity to give a natural, glowy finish.

While Glassy Blush costs $40 (it’s now available at Sephora Australia), one look at its results on TikTok will see you adding to cart. Fans are using the dewy blush not just on cheeks, but on eyelids and lips – it looks particularly good as a lip tint, giving lips a rosy hue.

Reviews are starting to come through on Sephora, too. “This is one of the most unique beauty products I’ve ever seen and used! I love the concept of this brand, like an Italian Glossier with an emphasis on fresh, clean and classic,” one reviewer writes. “This blush is rather pink so you don’t need too much — be careful to not get too much on your finger. it blends nicely and lasts til you wash it. This definitely makes your skin glow beautifully, and gives that ‘one glass of wine flush’.”

“Gives a “just finished an intense cardio session” flush,” another review raves. “I love this formula for its blendable texture. Didn’t transfer onto my face mask.”

I gave the product a try on makeup-free skin – you definitely need to only add a little to fingers and blend onto the apple of your cheeks. It works quickly, so be sure to blend well and use your fingers, not a brush. I added a bit too much and found the color was too pink for me, but watching TikTok, a little goes a long way – and the product I feel looks best with a tinted moisturizer or low-medium coverage foundation on skin first, to blend out any natural redness on skin so the blush doesn’t emphasizee areas you don’t want emphasized (for me, that’s around my nose).

The only down side would be if you didn’t want a glowy finish, as the product is definitely a gloss, not a matte. You could try adding powder on top to mattify, but honestly the glowy finish is part of the charm for me – like highlighting and adding color at the same time.

Interested in trying Espressoh Glassy Blush? It’s available at Sephora now for $40.

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