Fast food worker identified as suspect in newlywed couple’s murder found dead at Utah campground – New York Daily News

A fast food worker has been identified as a suspect in the murder of a newlywed couple who were fatally shot at a Utah campground in August.

“The Grand County Sheriff’s Office has identified Adam Pinkusiewicz as a suspect in the double murder of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck Turner,” the Grand County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release shared on Facebook on Wednesday.

He worked at the same McDonald’s restaurant as Crystal Turner, 38, who was gunned down next to her 24-year-old wife, Kylen Schulte. Authorities noted that Pinkusiewicz also confessed to murdering the two women before his death.

The couple were found dead on Aug. 18 near Moab, a tourist town known for its beautiful desert landscapes, just days after raising concerns about a strange man lurking. They were on a camping trip in the southern Mesa area of ​​the La Sal Mountains, but told a friend they were planning to move to another place to get away from the creepy stranger.

The same friend went looking for the pair when they stopped responding to messages and phone calls, eventually finding their bodies in a campground off La Sal Loop Road.

Schulte’s body was partially submerged in a nearby lake.

In the wake of the murders, Pinkusiewicz fled the scene and then the state. Authorities believe he died by suicide a few weeks later.

Pinkusiewicz was “one of several interesting individuals investigated by the GCSO, and the GCSO made numerous attempts to locate and interview him”. They have only publicly identified him because authorities only recently became aware of his confession.

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