Federal Election: Boothby Live Debate

The federal election is a hot battle between local candidates competing for some of the most fringe seats, such as South Australia’s Boothby. Watch live on Thursday from 7 p.m.

Action on climate change and pressure on the cost of living is expected to dominate a three-pronged debate among the candidates hoping to take control of one of the country’s key seats.

Boothby is a sprawling Adelaide electorate that has been in Liberal hands since 1949, but the coalition’s margin has been eroded to just 1.4 percent.

Watch the debate starting at 7 p.m. AEST on Thursday, May 5 in the video player above. Do you want to have your say? Make sure you are a logged in subscriber so you can participate in the LIVE audience Q&A below (only visible if logged in).

Liberal candidate Rachel Swift, a Rhodes Scholar disease expert who helped fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, has been tasked with fend off Louise Miller-Frost, former charity boss and Labor candidate.

Thrown into the mix is ​​a high-profile independent looking to whip up a mind-blowing upset by seizing the growing “blue-green” movement across the country.

Jo Dyer is a prominent figure in the arts industry who most recently served as the director of the hugely popular Adelaide Writers’ Week festival.

The three candidates will pitch to voters in a debate hosted Thursday night by NewsCorp.

Boothby is one of the most diverse constituents in the state — it envelops affluent suburbs like Glenelg on the beach and Belair at the foot of the hills.

Residents in these areas are well aware of environmental problems, including rising sea levels, coastal erosion and wildfires.

But through the center of the fringe seat is a swathe of dense suburbs in southern Adelaide, home to thousands of middle- and working-class citizens.

Rising inflation and pressure on the cost of living are at the forefront of these suburbs, which include St Marys, Marion and Clovelly Park.

The coalition has pumped billions of dollars into infrastructure in these areas, primarily the massive Torrens to Darlington upgrade from South Road – one of the city’s busiest traffic routes.

A hot topic in Thursday night’s debate is the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Boothby voters feel cheated by the coalition as only 0.4 percent of a 450GL environmental right to water has been returned to the river, despite promises to SA.

A stain was left on the 2019 Boothby campaign, when the outgoing MP, Conservative Liberal Nicolle Flint, was harassed by climate activists and horribly trolled online.

dr. Far more to the left of the Liberal Party, Swift has pledged to tackle climate change head-on, although she says the pressures of the livelihood and management of the economy are still vital to Boothby.

Ms. Frost recently headed SA’s St Vincent de Paul Society and uses her charitable experience to campaign for “equality and fairness”.

If elected, she will look to tackle climate change and electricity prices while strengthening Medicare and creating more secure jobs by investing in free TAFE.

Ms Dyer is an independent candidate who has the backing of businessman Simon Holmes a Court’s Climate 200 group, which plans to topple coalition MPs across the country.

Her campaign focused on climate and government integrity issues.

She argues that the two major parties cannot cope with the “existential crisis of climate change” and asks voters to elect an independent vote in parliament.


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