FilGoal | News | Baggio: Winning the European Championship should give Italy a place in the World Cup

Italian football legend Roberto Baggio believes his country deserves to participate in the 2022 World Cup after winning the Euro 2021 title.

Italy lost the chance to qualify for the World Cup to reporters, saying: “Italy won the euro, I’m sorry, or it’s crazy that they don’t get direct qualification for the World Cup because of it.”

And he continued: “Anyone can lose and have a bad day. Doesn’t that team deserve an award for what they have achieved? If I had been on the list with them, I would have suffered to accept it.”

“I think the players still suffer from the lack of qualification for the World Cup. You can see that there is a psychological problem.”

“We saw that in their 3-0 defeat to Argentina in the Finnish Cup, compared to the comfort they gave the opponents,” Baggio continued.

Baggio concluded: “Roberto Mancini, the coach of the national team, has done an exceptional job and should be respected for what he has done. We have many young players who have not been given a chance to play in the Italian league and this is a well-known problem for us.”

It is noteworthy that the Italian national team exited the playoffs by beating North Macedonia in the semifinals, scoring no reaction.

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